FPS dropping/rare game frezzes

So my game today froze in a way that the screen freezes, but the sound doesn’t, also when i hit the window tab it took 2-ish seconds for that to pop up, and wow froze for about 5-7 seconds overall… i was on direct x11 at the time if that info helps, when i was checking what directx version i had via dxdiag i saw a green bar in the lower left load up, then saw i had 12 so i’m swapping to 12 to see if that helps for a bit.
It happens in wow daily, and randomly, but usually it just looks like my fps crashes to 10-ish, doesn’t completely freeze (till earlier today), and usually only lasts 2 seconds at most, though for some reason whenever the big invasion is in Uldum i have much longer periods of this, up to 5 seconds.
it mostly happens within the first half hour or so i’m on, then again 1-3 hours later, etc.
Also when the freezes happen if i’m in discord, the sound from discord doesnt cut out or anything it sounds fine. Also this has only happened to this degree in BFA WoW, i have had the issue in Overwatch but it only happens once per play session and its extremely short, i do not have this issue in Path of Exile or other non-blizz games on my PC like Minecraft.

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Same with me here. It happened for three days after the last maintenance. Everytime i fly around the objective of a WQ in Kul Tiras, it freezes just about when the pop up message. Took about 1 - 2 miutes to thaw that, but after several times facing that, i got kicked out from the game itself. If it’s about the system requirement, do the maintenance also change the system requirement ?

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No idea really about yours, does yours just happen randomly too? like ive had it happen when i was idle outside org in warmode watching duels, the place it seems to be rare to happen in for me is dungeons after the first half hour oddly, but my issue happens anywhere in game, but isnt world quest related from the looks.

It looks like happen a lot when we’re staying or near the area with a lot of players, especially from another realm. Do you ?

That is something i didnt think of… i’ll keep an eye out next time it happens.

Hey, Tòtal and Django! Is there any difference if you try the lowest graphic settings? Also the area with a lot of players is a good call out, since this will require a bit more rendering the FPS may dip a bit in major cities or dungeons/raids. It’s dipping a bit too much though, so we’ll want to try and get this a bit more playable.

Could you both provide a DxDiag file to compare? Copy and paste the text file created and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

DxDiag Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for pastebin.com/123456)

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I play with alot of settings either at lowest or fair even though i can handle higher with a gtx 960, i keep some things turned up in dungeons and raid but i rarely have these freezes in those areas, ive had it the most in uldum and vale during the greater invasions, and i also noticed it does not happen at all until i enter an area with BFA content inside of it on PC start up. swapping to DX12 seems to have slowed it down, im getting it 1-2 per session instead of per hour, but when im on my home PC ill get you the info you requested. i will say upfront that my windows 10 is extremely out of date as it kept redownloading bloatware i didnt want per update, so i disabled it entirely.

I’ve been having almost the exact same issues since 8.3.7. I have tried a clean install of WoW and doing the fixes/changes found in Known Technical Support Issues - Updated July 21, 2020 - #16 by Caterpepi. These have only lessened the issue, the freezing still happens.

I can recreate the issue occasionally by opening up an interface menu like transmogs or pets but it happens at unpredictable times and causes 3-6 seconds of freezing. I’ve watched my GPU jump up to 100% momentarily then drop to almost nothing until the freezing stops. When the freezing stops the screen will flash and it looks as if all the graphics are re-loading. I am providing a dxdiag pastebin.

Edit: This happens a lot more often in the Great Seal.

http s://pastebin.com/X7iufyTv

Your nvidia graphics drivers are from February, and the error messages point to a corrupted graphics driver install. Can you try a clean install of a current graphics driver using ddu?

Oooh, interesting. I’ll try a clean install of my drivers. Hopefully this will help!

Update: That seems to have been the issue. It, obviously, solved many other issues on top of the ones with WoW.

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Glad to hear, Karren! Thanks for the assist and recommendation, Zungar!

@ Tòtal, we do generally recommend to be on the latest version, but we can try checking a few other things first once the DxDiag is in!

That would seem to be my problem, when i update nvidia i never select clean install, that seems to have helped for now at least… thanks though!