Foxx L2 pvp

Malware 20 Foxx 2 Lol!

See you cant farm alone any more.

All is fair in love and war… Alliance control these elementals
im sorry you suck and cant control this spot since I started showing up
SP losing to a PvE mage (14/18 is our current score FYI)

Lots of Love

Is this a challenge, I can make my way over there too. I need to l2pvp too!!

Wrong ive soloed yo so many times now. Liked how you pop furbog trink rofl. Still got melted. I will say this is fun. I think your the reason I’m now rank 8 ty for the HKs. Lol

Ive got a big enough paddle for both of you.

We will see very soon. Also I don’t have a furlbog trink, so that definitely wasn’t me.

What happened to the 12 scary pirates in Arathi a minute ago? Did you forget your Paddle in Orgrimmar?! We don’t get scared of even numbers!!!

Salty Pirates run like pussy.
Malware you have lost to me solo many times… thats like a mage losing to a warrior… Ez SP should never lose to a PVE speced mage you shouid have 100% win. i love when it was 2v2 you always ran… Even fights you run… Salty pirates always run!!

Love Foxx

Well I will see you tonight to farm my HKs.

We are on your AH in your Orgrimmar - Whats up?!?!
Come out and play - we aint scared!!!

You wont even defend your home town, lol… Scared Pirates is a more fitting name.

For 20 minutes we owned your home city! Btw that was only 14 Basic members… I would be extremely embarrassed if that happened to us.

My home city is UC by the battle master see you soon /kiss

malware… the priest whose back is seen more then his face. try to stay and fight next time… i believe you ran like 4 times today on even fights

Foxx gets owned by malware every day. It’s not even humane anymore and hard to watch.

Glad you found a delusion to convince yourself otherwise. :*

fj, another warrior and malware lost to 2 mages yesterday i believe… keep BS talking… 3vs2 and still lose
20 and 0 vs you fj… thanx for the ez entertainment … its like a fly on the wall having you there

My pleasure. I’m lvl 49 for all the readers. Foxx is a reaaaaalll boss being a mage killing a warrior 11 levels lower.

So strong!

i figured out why so many SP are at the elementals… you need those pots for BWL watching you wipe 10 times on firemaw and vale is hillarious

Foxx stop, Amideus also owned you with half health and mana. Its ok you cant pvp, your just a glass cannon. A small one.