Found guild please lock

found guild, please lock


I’m raid leader for a weekly Normal/Heroic raiding team that runs 1 - 2 nights a week (depending on player availability), but do tend to favor Friday/Sunday nights. We keep a smaller raid size, but looking to add a few dps class/specs to our roster - ideally a Demon Hunter, Shadow Priest and Mage.

Your personality seems like it would fit in well with us. We’re a laid-back group of long-time raiders ourselves, choosing to tackle raid content at our own pace this expansion and currently sitting at 4/10 N with a goal of AOTC Heroic before the next tier.

If you’re still looking for a place to play and interested, I’d like to talk more.

Bnet: ChaosWhite#1873

I think you might be a great candidate for my clan. We are called “The Brotherhood Gaming”, if you want to look us up in-game. You’re also free to message me on discord, at Byron Cavendish#0078, if you have any questions for me.

We are a social community first and foremost, and we play for fun, so we’re not going to harass you about your build or choices.

Have a great day, and I hope you’ll consider us!

Hey Madpancakes,

Let us know if you feel we’d be a good fit for you!

If you can do Tues and Thurs 10pm-1am EST, I have an immediate opening for a DPS Warrior on my team. If the times work for you, add me at Rawrabear#1450 and lets chat.

Sent a request, hit me up and we can talk!