Forums used to be the voice of the server


Will this be coming back? Will forums become huge staging growds of guild feuds as it was in vanilla? Or did it just change ?


I personally plan to do my part by egging on members of the opposite faction on my realm forum.

(Fateweaver) #3

Personally, I don’t plan on being on the forums, at all, when Classic™ goes live.


(Abigaiil) #4

I remember this.

My guess: with their layering scheme they came up with, it is going to be difficult to recreate this.


I hope they do return to their Vanilla glory. Realm forums where were your cross faction rivalries and shenanigans were formed. It’s where all the best guilds and professionals advertised. It’s where your trolls gained notoriety. It was honestly one of the best forum experiences around at the time, and probably still now.


BUR to you too

(Arche) #7

I wonder how many posts I have? I was a minor meme on the Kil’Jaeden forums.

(Swani) #8

Well, with the current stance ActiBlizz has on various “controversial” things, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.