Forums: The Real Vanilla Experience (@Horde)

Forums are dead, and that means we’re not getting the true #NoChanges experience. I will get the ball rolling.

@Myrii - Rude. Stop being so sensitive and unignore me. You know who I am, stop lying.

@Anticide - Sooooo close…

@Luckyduck - I’ll have your ribeye, rare please.

@Gahrona - Stop using the wrong weapons.

@Throne - Get off your mount.

@Frostspooge - I started a #MeToo thread about that 2800 Frostbolt, you will be hearing from Twitter.

@Raisin -You have sulfuras, be a man and engage without your bubble up for once


Please don’t do me like Harvey Weinstein


RNGJesus gave me what he did, otherwise #2FelstrikersbestPVPness.

@raisin did you really need sulfuras, bubble, blessing of freedom and lay on hands to kill me? lol

@hellsin quit dancing around on your lvl 40 kodo and get a real mount

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Hotdogjones has the best name of any toon on this server dont @ me


@tuskx this is actually hilarious, GGs bro

imagine naming yourself Throne and then having a 60% mount. you should rename to Highchair

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im going engineering, i think ive waited long enough.

why is this thread dead

live, forums, liiiiiiive

Yes sir!!!

I have discovered forums @Tuskx

rare it is

Yeah, turns out when you only have 14 days of faction interaction before xrealm BGs launch, the forums die even harder.

At least we’ll have this relic of that glorious 2 week window.

twas a glorious 2 weeks - learned a lot from you and kahla. also, can risen chill out on the logs… taking the top 10 dps spots is just showing off :stuck_out_tongue:


ten characters