Forums no longer require an active sub

I’m not sure if any of you know yet, but the forums no longer require an active sub to post.

So if the forums seem more popular than they were before, don’t fall for it.

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Sorry, I didn’t look through 4 days of posts to find it.

Well, now even more people know :>

If all the unsubbed people are allowed to post I don’t think the general feeling would be that anything was “popular”.

Doesn’t seem any different from before to me.

I’m unsubbed btw.

I like how Blizzard didn’t announce it.

Gotta sucker in some of that DOLLAH MAKE ME HOLLAH HONEY BOO BOO

Sorry, I wasn’t ready.

/puts tin foil hat on

/straps seat belt on

Okay there we go. Take me on your wild ride where you are offended that a company’s goal is to make money. WEEEEE!

/raises hands in the air


I was very surprised to see that I’m still allowed to post after my subscription ran out.

It’s nice to still be able to post and contribute to the community, but it’s feeling more and more useless since BIizz does not utilize nearly any advice/feedback we give them.


TY for the link, Yveralas.

: )

Yea I am unsubbed. I figure they will change it soon. Been watching to see if anything good is coming up. Id come back 8.1 if we could finish flying until them they not getting a dime from me.

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It’s in the Blizz tracker. I just like creeping.

I’m not subbed lol, and never will be again !!! HAHA. but I have a voice for now… HEAR ME ROAR…