Forums have ruined wow lol

Go find @BigMoranIRL

Look at his tweet today…

Literally was told by devs pvp community is too toxic to have an open dialogue with


Link? Sauce?

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Can’t link, his account is private. Can’t share tweet. Go look tho.

go look at something that we cant see?

did you line the education system?


Just line the privacy settings 4head


Follow him on Twitter 4head

Too hard to take a screenshot?


That’s just cm/devcode for “They make good points we can’t argue with.”

That’s what it always is. It’s just a dismissal so they don’t make posts and get made fools of.


I mean the dude said it, don’t believe me if you don’t want to

I’d rather not have to /follow - and wait to be approved. You could legit Win+Shift+S and post it here in 10sec.


Posts like this are the real reason devs don’t visit


hm sounds like fake news

is this Chris Cuomo on his druid?

i mean they dont really post great dev notes, sometimes non at all on balance adjustments, hell they dont even do balance adjustments.

Then are surprised they have a toxic community.

Even on the shadowlands update on youtube today PvP came off as an afterthought, a final point

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I haven’t had twitter since the incident so i can’t check. Screnshot would be appreciated.

Legit don’t know how or it won’t let me, but I’m telling you it’s what he said

Toxicity exists in every community, look at GD. I’d say there’s a good chance the toxicity from us stems from there being zero changes for months on end, seasons at a time. Then there’s just internet communities in general that just have bad eggs.

There’s no communication, there’s no changes, so we feel ignored. They created the toxic community.


Agreed 10char

While that’s a totally crap move there’s to many inexperienced opinions screaming for nerfs for the wrong reasons and should be rightfully ignored. There’s no majority of I have fun or strategy discussions here for the 8 years I’ve played on n off. I get it it’s all in jest or we’ll reasoned but it’s just rating bashing, lol u play this n complain or just nerf nerf nerf. Can’t always cave to the crying child but I do for once share the responsibility of our lack of feedback here, and unfortunately it will remain like this until game dies. We already knew this

And I especially mean this in any previous blue posts we’ve had our attitude is less than appreciative

It’s not even the zero changes. It’s the SILENCE on balance. It’s okay to say “we think things are fine atm”, or “we want to wait to make nerfs/buffs and see how the meta adjusts”. Instead we get a random once a year blue post to nerf necrotic strikes with zero explanation or transparency of data/thought processes. All we’re able to see is people begging to nerf warlocks and it going straight up ignored for two years.

At the beginning of BfA players asked for an explanation on PvP scaling

Chris Kaleiki responded with a condescending mspaint drawing that basically amounted to “don’t worry about it just shut up and play the game”

So yeah, toxicity is usually met with toxicity