Forums against new content?

can someone explain to me why folks on the forums are so against things being added to the game? for example, everytime i’ve seen a post from someone asking for a new race, it gets shot-down by about a dozen people. don’t you guys WANT new stuff added to the game?


The problem is those people see that it’s poorly implemented. And to me, it’s justified for them to see it that way.


I just wanna be able to swap specs on the fly like I do now with minimal fuss. Sure having multiple sets of azerite gear is annoying and unfun but it’s not too bad. The new systems in SL look to put the kybosh on that and therefore my fun. RIP my fun.

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For a lot of people on here, “discussing” the game means going out and starting arguments with every post.


People want their own version of the game and are hostile to other people’s visions. Nothing new.


And what if Blizzard doesn’t want you swapping specs on the fly?

Any change no matter how minor or major or how beneficial or detrimental people are going to complain on the forums.

Well then I guess blizz doesn’t want my sub either?

Or they expect you will learn to live with it like every other expansion.

Which other expansion are you referring to?

Meaning there are massive changes every expansion that some part of the player base doesnt like.

Sure. But those changes didn’t make changing going specs suck doodoo. Well. Legion did. But at least legion obfuscated it with superior class story. So…1 expac?

If they got rid of spec swap it would not impact me in the slightest as I create alts based on one spec and if I want to try another spec…well thats a new alt.

Admittedly I am an altoholic

I intend to view the covenants the same way

I won’t go so far as to ask for your gold, but I do feel that enough of us will stick it out so $15 loss will not matter.

Some race suggestions just devalue the game.
Extra stuff doesn’t mean its good for the game.

Also, devs don’t have unlimited time and resources. If some suggestions got implemented, other stuff cant be.


I plan on fully dealing with whatever comes to be, but in the meantime, if I see something that I feel hampers my enjoyment of my character, I’m going to express my opinion and read other’s opinion to hopefully see other sides of it. I find that lessens my issues with whatever I see as a problem.

Then at least I can move forward knowing that there is a group that is getting enjoyment out of a feature I dislike. So, an upside.

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i want playable mantid, i want to play a sneaky-stabby bugman!

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It’s ironic because Ion said he wanted to bring back the concept of playing your class. Not your spec. Hence why we’re getting a bunch of old spells and cross spec spells back. Then they promptly proceed to make playing your class harder. I don’t get it. Say one thing but do the opposite???

Mainly their poorly implemented, along with the racials compared to original classes seem to be meh. Like I hardly see pandaren ever, along with mechagnomes, nightborne, dark iron and void elfs. Their neat and all in terms of lore and their reasoning behind joining their respective factions. Yet their either meh in appearance or racial honestly so you don’t play them much.

Exactly what is being done to make playing your class more difficult? I don’t think that a covenant is part of the class(?).