Forum Trust Level Suggestion/Question

(Kersia) #1

First, I’ll start with a question:
Is there any way to see what areas we are lacking in or where we need to progress for forum trust level progress?

If there is not, is this a feature that could be added at some point in the activity summary area? Like under each area of activity, put a stat for “x posts read in past 100 days”. A lifetime option and past 100 days option would be great.

Now that we are well beyond the 100 days and people have achieved and lost trust 3, being able to know what you are missing would be nice. I don’t need it right at the moment, but I post weekly writing prompts in the roleplaying forums and have mused the idea of doing an image based prompt from time to time.

I visit the roleplaying forum a lot, as in the page is always open on my phone or a pc tab, but I rarely venture out except when I am trying to get trust 3. WET has no means to provide trust 3 by itself because of its size.

Anyway, just a thought. Don’t mind me, I’ll continue to grind it out so I have the option to post image prompts. I would do links, but if you have the feature to do an image, that is best as people don’t trust links. If push came to shove, I could just turn the image into a video and upload it to youtube and link it that way, but I’m content to my absent grind.

Just a quality of life request, really.

(Darthwraith) #2

Well basicly this is gona fall on deaf ears you want your voice heard post in general no developers come here for feedback nor are the blues liasons to them.

(Nok) #3

I would suggest posting in the web site bug report forum which does have some sort of liaison with the web team.