Forum System needs change: Forum ID system

There is also the fact from a recent CS thread that the mods think that forum ignore will ignore someone account wide when it wasn’t the case.


You may get people that get a group of friends to vote in an MVP though.

We don’t need more layers. And even using “Forum ID” makes people think of Real ID which was a BAD idea. Nobody wants a real name ever.

Battletag exists already. Is used on ALL the other Blizzard forums already. Is how the software is designed to work. It is already our non-private nickname for use as a gamertag.

I would just let people pick posting avatar chars but then append the Btag to the post like we have a guild and other info.

Solves the alt hopping, using multi chars to flag/like, and gives us Bnet wide ignore.

I am green on the Diablo forums too and you would think if someone was going to get harassed in game I would. Never do though. I just don’t accept friend requests from anyone I don’t have some sort of acquaintance with. Then, even if I did, because it is on the Bnet app all chat is monitored by Blizzard and can be reported if someone tried to harass me.

We mostly just need the Btag and a comment field on reports. Those two things would solve 90% of the issues with the WoW forums system and bring it in line with the other Blizz forums.


I mean final decision is on the CMs, but players adding votes adds an element of player choice.

Lmao what plz link there’s no way

one more thing…

if I mute someone on GD, I would prefer not to see their posts on the main page.

I would like to simply forget they exist.

I use global ignore in game and it makes the game so much more relaxing.


That is not supported on any of the forums with the Discourse software. It still shows that there was a post from someone you ignored.

BUT it can be resolved with browser addons. I am not exactly sure how to do this with WoW vs D3. I think you use Character-server where the D3 forums use btag-number.

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granted, but trolls use clickbait and its a minor irritation to load up and see

" ignored content "

I’m flabbergasted lmao

But then we’re back to the in-game harassment.

I’ve been getting harassed in-game or on these forums for many years albeit sporadically (one round per year on average). Because I am a person of color who analyzes the ethnoracial codification of the game on social media and have for many years, so you know, get the usual weirdo racists. Usually lasts a few weeks or a few months before they let go.

Women streamers get harassed in-game because of their visibility as women.

Just because YOU haven’t been harassed doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be an issue lol

C’mon now

Also, they should be blocked from ever liking your posts. Though, that may not be possible.

sorry about the t mog, just felt nostalgic this week.

how would liking my posts be an issue, confused ?

I am not saying people who are public personas don’t get harassed. Of course they do. My point is they can’t do it through your Battletag unless you approve their friend request. It is not an open door to bother you. They can’t see what game you are in either if they don’t have you on their friends list. We have control over that. Unlike what poor streamers have to go through with Twitch :frowning:

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But I’m thinking would the person’s Battle Tag profile show all their alts or would all user character data be hidden away?

Cuz if you assign a character as your main for the Forums using Battle Tag it lends itself to harassment.

But the new changes helps with that on the other hand.

Eh, maybe that’s a bad idea. I just sometimes get annoyed when people like my posts even though they’re on my ignore list.

I like it the way it is. Leave it alone.

The only char that should show up as attached to your Btag is the one you select to post on, just like it shows your guild tag now. Pick a posting char you don’t mind having people know. A lot of people do that already. This is a bank alt of mine. My main is not super hidden, but I don’t post on it usually so that I don’t get whispered in game.

My Btag does not allow anyone to see what my alts are or to contact me in game. To contact me they either need to know my current play characters and whisper me OR I have to approve them as a friend on Bnet.

That keeps me in control over who can contact me.

Now, if you mean people would be able to see your Btag next to all your alts if you choose to post on all your alts - yes. It means people can’t sock puppet and pretend to be on a diff account when they are not. No more supporting their own posts, or arguing with themselves without people knowing. That is just like Cogshanks anyway which I miss badly.


Wow, that’s a lot of whining

there was a very similar post on this exact same thing this morning, in almost the exact same format.

didn’t agree with it then, haven’t changed my mind now.

I don’t care if they use bnet ID but people aren’t going to see all your characters.

I don’t see a reason at all to have account wide ignore - if someone switches alts and you still don’t like what they are saying, you can just add them to ignore again. I actually have never come across this situation.

who cares?

they get a suspension for doing that

people don’t know they are being ignored unless you tell them - don’t tell them.

you either are repeating yourself or you have a problem with people reporting posts that violate the CoC.

most times you don’t need this

Why are you guys so concerned with moderation. Just ignore the people you don’t like and move on. Or report and move on. It is a little concerning a group of you guys appear to think you should be able to control what others post on here.

oh, I see so this is the second thread.

Both of these are excellent advice and works in most cases.

The WoW forums are unique though in their ability to evade the intended restrictions on likes/flags, and sockpuppeting.

Bringing them into line with all the other Blizzard forums means less blatant trolling and harassment. Sadly while you might be good at moving on, some people are not…and some make it a dedicated practice to engage in shady posting practices to the detriment of others.

  • Char name - Btag (with trust levels, flags/likes, and ignore at that level)
  • Comment field when reporting

Boom. 90% of it fixed. The other forums need the comment field when reporting as well.