Forum Character Selection on Mobile

Trying to choose a character I want to post on, but when viewing the options on mobile. My character isn’t loading. Do I have to do this on desktop? If yes does anyone have a way of viewing the desktop version of the site on mobile?

Edit: Even on desktop site, I can’t see all of my characters on my account. Unfortunately not allowing me to choose the character I wish to make a post on.

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I have the same issue.

I logged out of the forums on my phone and when I logged back in, of my 14ish characters, only four are available to choose from. Worst of all, my posting charater isn’t one of the options.

It’s the same on every device (phone, desktop, laptop). Luckily I haven’t logged out on my PC, so it’s still is set to my posting character.

(This is Leviathan)

Yeah I vaguely remember there being an option to “view all characters”. This option is now gone apparently?

I just checked on my phone (iPhone 8+ using Chrome) and all of my characters (including Classic & TBCC) were available in the list.

I haven’t tried with a different browser yet.

I looked on desktop, and was able to change my posting toon under “Change Character” when I click the icon in the upper right.

It’s not an issue of changing character. It’s an issue of not all available characters display when I go to change the character.

This is Dwagon posting.

I found the work around thinking of it logically. The issue is browser cache data. If you open WoW forums and login from a private or incognito browser, changing your character should have a refreshed list of all your characters on your account.

Alternatively, granted I haven’t tried this, but clearing your browsing data on your browser should also fixed this same issue as well.

It was by clearing my browser’s cache that I discovered this.

Doing so logged me out of all the forums. When I logged back in, it picked the wrong character. That’s when I noticed there were only 4 options to choose from.

I just gave incognito mode a try, no change. :disappointed_relieved:

Also, I can’t do these steps because I don’t have game time.

Btw, this is happening for me on all devices, not just mobile.