Forsaken survival

Now that Sylvanas and her Val’kyrs are gone, how will the forsaken be able to reproduce in this world?

Are they just condemned to rot and die as a race?

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Yeah, pretty much.


The Forsaken don’t actually rot. They’re merely in the condition they were raised in. Nathanos needed a new body because an abomination tore him apart before he was turned into a ghoul. If the Forsaken were in an active state of decay none of the early ones would still exist.

Furthermore population numbers have never mattered in WoW unless the story decides they do for a plot point that wilo be forgotten as soon as it was introduced. There’s always enough of X people.

But if the Forsaken need a remdy I’m sure one could be remedied. Necromancy is a thing. The Ebon Blade seems to have zero trouble raising fresh undead right out the grave.

So I figure the Forsaken will figure out something in Maldraxxus or wherever. Or hell maybe Calia waves her magic wand and now they procreate. So, just a somehow wholesome version of that scene from Synder’s Dawn of the Dead.


Wasn’t an issue or story for the (Gilenas) Worgen once they removed their curse, likely it shouldn’t matter for the Forsaken especially when they live safely in Durotar.

edit: What I meant to say is the Forsaken don’t need to repopulate now.

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Quite frankly, if the story drops the repopulation plot for the Forsaken, I’ll be happy. There’s never been any concern for numbers with the other races of WoW, in spite of the constant world ending threats and war.


Where’s good ol’ necromancy when you need it?

Otherwise, there’s a good joke here to be made about Helcular and his rod.


I’ve always wanted there to be a dedicated order of Forsaken necromancers. i know this’ll never happen, but maybe we’ll get a post-Sylvanas deep dive into Forsaken society. See how the RAS is doing, what’s going on with the military, the establishment of the aforementioned necromancy order to take the place of the val’kyr, etc.


Death Knights can create sapient undead.

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We’ll see how it pans out.

They could just free the undead that’re still bound to the Scourge and add them to the ranks of the Forsaken, somehow. Magical hoo-doo, what’s-its. They can still make Abominations and other forms of undead, so, maybe animating the dead via necromancy might be an option too.

Of course, it begs the question if everyone wants the Forsaken to continue on forever.

Some may believe that the curse of the Forsaken should’ve ended with them and that it’d be contradicting to expand that curse onto other people.

Others may believe that undeath is a second chance to go beyond the cycle. Or they might need bodies, for an agenda to fulfill.

It’ll be neat. But I doubt the Forsaken will just poof into thin air. There’s way too much chaos and bedlam in Azeroth and beyond for the situation of the undead to fade from sight. The dead will always pile up as a result of a cosmos in jeopardy, many may rise again and they’ll all need to go somewhere to persist as the urge for survival dictates.

Nobody’s getting off of Mr. Bone’s Wild Ride that easily.


The inherent hypocrisy of forsaken reproduction always amuses me. Forsaken are only really ‘created’ out of disasters/tragedies; they can only really carry on as a ‘factional species’ is by adopting unrelated and resurrected undead created by a baddy.

I suppose that without Sylvanas (and, perhaps importantly, with Calia’s influence) the forsaken will become a bit less… idk how I’d describe them. Edgy? Blighty? Less “classical forsaken-y”? Either way, going forward, the general necromantic rezzing of people could classify as a valid member of the club - think Zelling (well, he could be considered forsaken by other standards, but that’s besides the point): people who choose the path. I’d say that’d be the pathway to continuing the ‘species’.

I can see the forsakens to be the home of those who wanted a 2nd chance in life even if they were foes or allies in life.
Hopefully we get the val’kys back on our side, I don’t think Sylvanas will be a truly villain and some plot twist will happen before she returns to our side.

As for now the forsaken got hit very hard with the lost of their queen, the val’kyrs and their kingdom. Now they can’t make new forsakens in big amounts so they have to think whenever they have to go to war.

Everything we know of Undeath so far means bad news for the people being raised. They should not be allowed to raise more people.

Forsaken are not a ‘‘race’’, they are a group of cursed, dead humans.

Not really, some people found peace when raised as undeads.

Lillian Voss for example realized how wrong she was about undeath and how she was manipulated by the Scarlet Crusade in life.
Another raised undead called Renee Lauer from the Scarlet left the military to became a peaceful innkeper helping other undeads.

And there are a lot more whose lifes changed for good in undeath.
I mean I might rather have a second chance in life as an undead instead of live an eternity in places like Maldraxxus or Venthyr or even the Maw.


From Wowpedia :

Record of undead emoting positive emotions are rare, though there are reports, however, that some Forsaken have slowly experienced a sharpening of their dulled senses of touch, smell, and so on, as well as an increase in the flashes of positive emotions that have otherwise become so rare since their fall into undeath, when influenced by the Holy Light. The drawback, however, is that they also become disgusted with themselves and are likely to increase attempts at their own self-destruction; for regaining these senses would force the undead to smell their own rotting flesh, taste the decay in their mouths and throats, and even feel the maggots burrowing within their bodies

Yeah, no, no more Forsaken should be raised.

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Hasn’t the re-population thing always been Sylvanas’s idea? I thought in Before the Storm, some of those Forsaken saw the benefit of the curse, but didn’t wish for others to go through it.

Wowpedia lore about forsaken is kinda outdated.
What you quoted from Wowpedia though is what Forsaken feel when they are very in touch with the light, they regain some of their life senses so they start feeling the rot and it feels disgusting of course. (Though I think this is kinda outdated since Legion and BFA with the introduction of Alonsus Faol and Calia Menethil)

Forsaken lore since Legion-BFA has changed a little towards redemption for the undeads.
There are people who still wants a life in undeath like Thomas Zelling who willingly accepted to be an undead to get rid of his disease.
Sure he was later rejected by his family but he embraced undeath pretty well.

They do not like other people to have the curse because of the social problems it brings to be an undead (Like discrimination even by your loved ones), not because of the act of being an undead.

And as far as we know, since Cataclysm the new forsaken are given the chose to be undead or return to the afterlife. We can also see this in BFA when you’re asked to revive night elves in the Darkshore Battlefront intro questline, if the Night elf didn’t want to be resurrected then you couldn’t turn them into undead.

So no, in recent times being an undead doesn’t make you feel bad just because you are undead. People choose to be undead, not forced, and they do not get psychological problems just because they’re undead, most of this problems come because they are rejected by the living (Thomas Zelling example)


Seems unlikely. What Thomas Zelling shows us is that people will join the Forsaken of their own accord, so recruitment to the end of continuing their faction need not be a matter of slaughter and forceful conscription.

Whether it be someone seeking escape from an incurable ailment rendering life a painful existence, perhaps a scholar seeking more time to gather knowledge, a scientist wanting to solve a problem in his own “lifetime”, or just a bloke afraid of death and pushing it back however long they can, people might start seeking them out now that the war has cooled.


I mean there were enough cultists willing to sign on with Arthas back in WotLK. Surely there are enough living beings out there who would volunteer for a variety of reasons to join the Forsaken.


Helcular’s rod will renew the Forsaken’s vigor. He just needs to whip it out.


The Forsaken display positive emotions all the time, and have since Vanillia. They’d be an incredibly dull race if they were all only sad or angry.

Also ‘positive’ emotion? That’s getting existential isn’t it? Sadness I guess would be considered negative but somebody not displaying sadness at the death of a loved one would be concerning. Same with happiness.

The Forsaken were a last minute idea and their lores been pretty inconsistent. I was glad to see they retconned Blightcaller though. Instead of ‘rotting’ he was in bad shape because he got killed by an abomination, so his undead body was torn to ish.

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