Forsaken, Human, and the Light

Someone brought up that the Forsaken hurt themselves by using Light recently, which i was pretty sure had been retconned. But lets assume it hasnt, it creates a bigger problem.

If Humans have the curse of flesh, why wouldnt using the light hurt them, too? Should it revert them to titan beings?

When worgen use the light does it attack EITHER of their curses?

Does using the light revert elves to trolls?

Would thr Light turn a green orc back to brown?

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I’ve never heard of the Light hurting those with the “curse of flesh” like it does the Forsaken. Same for worgen.

And the Light hurting the Forsaken has never been retcon’d.

Where are you getting this stuff from?

Neither have i. But why not? Shouldnt it?

Holy magic, such as the Light, is… unhealthy for undead, not cursed things.

Why do you think it should? Just because it’s a “curse?”

It harms the Scourge’s dark necromancer magic that creates Forsaken.

…then there’s Calia which should’ve been repaired by holy magic but ended up undead. :notebook_with_decorative_cover::robot::question:

edit: That makes me wonder, would exposing Calia to more healing magic revert her to human? :microscope::robot::question:

There is a subtle difference between painful and harmful. Case in point: A Sin’dorei Holy Paladin is teaming up with a Forsaken Prot Warrior. Warrior takes a big hit, Paladin casts a heal.

If the Light were harmful, this would be worse than useless. But it is not, it closes the wounds and keeps our hero in the fight.

But is it pleasant? Fel, no! On some level this reminds them that they are neither truly alive nor truly dead, and that causes … issues. But not damage.

Basically, those Forsaken who partake of Holy healing have learned to play through the pain.

I would consider cauterizing damage.

^ means you now need tacos, sleep and gatorade to continue to function
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also you get wrinkles

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I’m pretty sure the writers just didn’t think about it because you make a great point and it’s the first time I’ve thought about it in like 2 decades of playing this game LOL

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Sounds like this topic. Should be on the Murray show…

And the lie detector determined that was a lie.

Why would it affect one and not the other?