Forsaken, can they come from Westfall?

I have the entire defias set and a few other sets. Just curious if Forsaken could end up in The Glades, or rather who can revive them. Never messed with Forsaken before.

At this point there is nothing that physically prevents your forsaken from having come from Westfall in life. Whether they were an individual who happened to be in Lordaeron during the first plague, a corpse gathered post Cataclysm and reanimated by the Valkyr, or how ever the Forsaken were bolstering their ranks in BfA with the like of Derek Proudmoore and Thomas Zelling.

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One of my characters has the exact opposite backstory, yet the story could be similar. They were from Lordaeron and went south to aid Stormwind in their fight against the orc invasion when the Dark Portal opened. After dying in battle they were sent back up north for burial. Years later they were brought to Deathknell to be raised into undeath.

After the defeat of the Lich King, there was an order to gather all the corpses in Lordaeron for raising or recycling of parts. (You can still see the corpse wagons as they travel up and down the roads of Silverpine.) If your character somehow ended up in Lordaeron, and died from any cause at all, they could easily have been raised in Deathknell. Perhaps they were visiting someone in Southshore, Hillsbrad when they met their death.

There are plenty of ways to make the story work for your character. I wish you all the best in your roleplay endeavor.

Thanks for the info!

There’s actually a Forsaken guy in old Brill (I think?) whose last name is Saldean. They come from Westfall. I believe he says he was stuck in Lordaeron at the time.

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When the night cycle kicks in scourge rise from the grave

A defias thug could hypothetically be turnes into a mindless scourge and then gain free will if he really wanted to

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One of the scourge in Duskwood could also roam into westfall, break free from control, then try and join the defias i guess

Fun fact: old blanchy was born in tarren mill (in the old hillsbrad cot)


I appriciate all of the information n_n Thank you all very much. :>