Forsaken: Are you glad to be home?

Quick survey for Horde players, but especially Forsaken.
Are you glad to be returning to and reclaiming Undercity? Or would you have preferred to get a new home?


Happy to be home.


Yea feels great. Orgrimmar’s heat doesn’t do wonders to Undeads anyway so they couldn’t remain perched on the Gates for too long. Really though it’s awesome.

Now I wish the same to the Gilneans, Gnomeregan Gnomes and Kaldorei. I have no doubts that the latter will be given a cool home soon. As for the rest though…


It’s not home without Sylvanas.


Happy to be home? Even if the Undercity is still blocked, being on the ruins feels like a new home… Yes, I am aware it is still Lordaeron. Even if the forest was burned, and nothing is left but ashes and the blighted, even if it isn’t perfect, missing Nathanos and Sylvanas, the people that remain make it all worthwhile. I will rather be happy with what we get, because it’s more than what others have gotten, and conforming to this seems healthier than expecting every single whim demanded to be met.

I am happy, I got more than I expected. It’s insane to think we got Alonsos Faol hanging out in Lordaeron, and while I still wish Natalie could’ve taken a place in all this, one day I hope she can visit the home of the forsaken, maybe not the ruins we got now, maybe it will be a good time to rebuild the old city rather than live in it’s sewers. Who knows…

I faction changed my hunter and made it a blood elf, making it the first blood elf that I have at max level. A different home for a different character.

tl’dr :
It’s not perfect in any way but not as terrible as usual. I hope the Kaldorei fandom gets something like this soon, as it sucks to be the kid in the block with the new toy. Maybe they could retake Hyjal or Dire Maul.


I can’t give any more likes today so you get this :heart:


I’m glad to be returning to UC. I think it will be refreshing.

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I’m honestly glad that the forsaken are getting their territories back, after the cultural suicide blizz put them through the last couple years. Horde players have every right to feel pretty good at the moment.

Now if we can only get blizz to listen and have them give the best boys gilneas back, I’d say we’re even. Though with gilneas coming up a lot in the story lately, it looks like blizz MIGHT have something in store for it down the road :wolf:


With an Alliance sympathizer who isn’t technically Forsaken, another worthless council and Derek totaly-not-a-traitor-or-agent-for-a-backstabbing-story-point-later- Proudmoore.

I’d say the Forsaken had it better being refugees.


Forsaken were always meant to be more than the master that commands them frankly ditching Sylvanas was long overdue.


In concept, yes.

I just really hope this is… kind of a rough draft?

Everything about this feels rushed. The Dark Ranger skins are just the pre-existing NPC skins enabled without any further effort. The City is still the same dollhouse-esque prop with no interiors or working doors, all they did is scatter NPCs and Doodads around.

It’s all moving in the right direction, but it feels like a long weekend’s worth of effort.


But in general:
Would you have rather gotten a new city somewhere else?
Or is getting Undercity back what you want most?

Would’ve been fine with either way, but I get most people tend to prefer renewal since it comes with the element of familiarity, and a sense of homecoming.

I think it’s great, although I hope that this doesn’t just lead to things going back to normal once the Undercity is cleared of the Blight. The Forsaken are very different than they were in 2004. It would be nice to see them develop Lordaeron City a bit more, instead of just staying in its sewers.


The foundation of the Forsaken are the people of Lordaeron. There’s no reason to imagine that their capital city would ever be anywhere but Lordaeron.


Plus with the Forsaken aesthetics, the place is simply too iconic to let it go to waste, or fall into alliance hands. I’m glad blizz actually listened to us for a change :wolf:


Why would Derek care about the current Alliance? He died in the second war. This Alliance didn’t even exist then. His only tie to it is Jaina.
He even says now that he feels like he belongs with the Forsaken.


Sleeper agents don’t know they’re a threat.


Calia said she will. Also the seed means a new tree.


I have a firm belief that The Undercity is blocked off from access because it is being re-done completely.

From a dev./player perspective, complaints from a practical standpoint have always been strong regarding The Undercity’s confusing layout. IF they were going to re-do The Undercity, now would be the time.

When will we get it, though?

Dragonflight; I’d say around about the same time that Teldrassil 2.0 is grown out of Tyrande’s new blessed seed.

Think about it: tears would be pouring down Horde players’ cheeks like never before if the Alliance got a nice new capital and they/we got nothing equivalent. I think the devs. are going to release Undercity 2.0 and Teldrassil 2.0 together.

You can mark my words on that.