Former Top 50 Raider looking to start MC fresh in the next couple months

With the world on lockdown, I find myself (finally) with enough time to start Classic. I realize it’s been released now for 8 months, and I can see a lot of guilds are already doing BWL. That being said, I’d like to join a guild starting MC fresh in the next while.

Problem is, I don’t know the best strategy to find likeminded people. I am a serious raider. I know how to clear content. I do not want to join a guild that has MC cleared. I don’t want to join a crappy guild that is struggling with MC.

I seem to be in a bit of a bind… What would you do?

you arent going to find a guild that is starting MC fresh and isnt going to wipe unless you form a guild yourself and then invite veterans - anyone new for the most part is going to be casual and wont have enchants or do research etc etc. Best you can hope for imo is to start BWL fresh that would be possible

Play this for what it is, a 15 year old game. Then move on to Shadowlands when it’s released so that you can start working on new content with a challenge.