Former no lifer looking for there place in the world

As the title says I was a former no life player on Proudmoore during vanilla and BC. I came back for legion where I played casually, and now am looking to get back into the game. Mostly, I’m just looking for a fun guild that gets things done together. I am free on Sundays through Thursdays during the day and evening but Fridays and Saturdays my availability goes way down. I have all classes except warlock at 110 so in theory I can raid as anything that is needed since I can get to max level in a day. However, I have only ever played as DPS or a tank in groups or raids. If your interested in talking more you can contact me in game or @NerdGasm#1161

I sent you a btag request. We are a casual raiding and m+ guild composed mostly of former hardcore raiders who decided to take it more slowly. The guild name is . Check out our forum post for more info, or contact me on btag or in game. Btag is @bryarken#1391

[Bear Knuckles] on Proudmoore (A-US) is an 18+ LGBTQA+ guild looking to expand its ranks, but being homosexual is not required by any means. We have a mixed crowd and we welcome the diversity. Our guild culture is very laid back and friendly and ensuring your personality fits the culture is paramount so we can continue to maintain a healthy, drama free, and safe environment for our members.

Our raid team is currently 8/9H (on Jaina), 9/9N and 2/2N, with our main goal being AotC each tier. Our members range from those newer to raiding to former world 150 mythic level raiders, but don’t let the latter scare you, we do not tolerate elitism or attitudes and all instances of such are quickly dealt with. We believe this game is supposed to be fun, not a chore and we want our raiders to look forward to logging in on raid nights to kill pixel monsters and banter with their friends over Discord. Our raid leadership does not yell at or demean other players, instead, we take the time to analyze logs to see where improvements can be made. We would rather work with those willing to put in the effort to improve rather than bench them or fill their spot with someone else (though this cannot always be avoided on progression).

We currently raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-10:30 EST (4:30-7:30 server). We run M+ keys through out the week and we are looking to get a dedicated PvP team together for RBGs and arenas. We also run occasional contests with gold, mounts, pets, (and rarely game time) as a reward if there is enough interest.

Head on over to our Discord if interested for more info and to fill out an app!
https:// discord. gg/n4qxB4z (remove the spaces)

Boat shoes and scotch are recruiting for 8.2 we transferred over from korgath and now are rebuild our raid team and community. Raid times are flexible atm since we have none set. As wells as days minus Monday and tues. looking towards more of a late night raid. Look forward to hearing from you. Ps this is an adult guild with adult humor


Hey Irvine ~

Omgerrrrd! I <333 your b.tag name! So creative and funny, I giggled a bit when I read what it was =P

clears throat
Pardon me! I get distracted over shineys… anywho! Let me introduce myself; I go by Ming, and I’m an officer, recruiter, and social director (sort of jack-of-all-trades) here in “The Anti Drama Society” US-Proudmoore-Alliance!

We are the freaking definition of FUN GUILD!! Lol. =P I’d love for you to check out my forum spam…

If you’d like to contact me after reading that, feel free to! =)
B.TAG: boxcarbinny#11348
DISC: boxcarbinny#0033

Hope to hear from you soon!
<3 / Ming

P.S. I just updated my post but it didn’t update on here apparently?! :open_mouth: I updated the raiding section, we had a meeting last night about a potential raid day. So… that could be fun!