<Fork Nation>

Server: Hyjal

Faction: Horde

We are looking for players that want to learn mythic dungeons, run raids but do it on a non-progression guild. We are all about social and leveling. We want you to enjoy the game and to enjoy some of the end game. We are wanting to add players that like to teach, players that like to help, and want to do end game even if they have never experienced it. Please know that as we will get a great team, we will help those that may not be able to play as much because of real life events or other things going on. We want to beat normal, heroic, and mythic raids but also want to have fun doing them.

We are currently looking for more healers, and dps. We currently have a few tanks, and healers. We run mythic dungeons typically after work, or when we can schedule it on our discord. We are a medium-to-large guild, and still actively recruiting every day. We have members of different backgrounds and orientation. If you want to do end-game content, we will have you!

We prefer forks, no spoons allowed, sporks are ‘ok’! If you want to have a chilled relaxed time, then please come check us out. We do not bite, well not at first.

We’re friendly.

^tis me. wrong toon.

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

We are a fun guild with a variety of personality. We joke and have fun in discord but do not allow for it to distract us while doing harder Mythics/ Raids. Join us, I guarantee you will not regret it!

Come on out, join in the fun and grow with us!