Forgotten key quest help

So I beat warden arkoban and delivered Baines back to orbidos but I deleted the quest prison of forgotten and now I’m stuck I beat the halls so I can’t go back and do them again but for the forgotten key quest that’s where I have to go I was wondering if you could help get me unstuck thanks

On this character, Attila? From what I can see you have the quest in your quest log, along with the Forgotten Key. It also looks like the quest is ready to be turned in, inside Torghast at the Domination Lock.

I’m not sure what issue you are experiencing.


Sorry about that on my computer it says I have to do some exploring and find where the key goes before I deleted it it said I had to find the domnation lock so I figured I had to get the key again

From what I can see you should just need to visit the Maw, walk into Torghast, and head to the Domination Lock to turn in the quest. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for your help


that was awesome.

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