Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs?

hopefully at least they do something to make it right

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Still no news?

No news. They appear to have updated the cut offs, but they don’t appear to have issued new titles/rewards correctly.

From my understanding after dissecting the ladder on many regions and bracket. It appears the ‘‘bug’’ is that empty teams still take up spots for the rewards.

The teams banned for win trading still appear on the ladder and thus are taking a spots for rewards even though they should be ‘‘inactive’’. On the other hand the players who got banned for boosting had their team removed.

That’s why there’s an inconsistency across regions and brackets. OCE didn’t get any R1 title because all the R1 teams were disqualified for win trading, not for boosting. On the other hand on EU, most bans are from boosting so rewards have been passed to the second highest team on the ladder.

If you want further proof of this then look at the 2642 team in 3v3 on NA. Its inactive, didn’t get ban or disqualified but it’s still taking up a Gladiator spot meaning there’s a team down there that should be getting Gladiator but isn’t.

At the moment, Blizzard haven’t actually handed out rewards based on the new cut offs. The board now shows r1/gladiator cut offs, but there are teams on those ratings or above that have not received their rewards.

There are also teams who have been disqualified that have already received rewards too.

They have started handing out rewards based on the updated cutoffs.

Do you have some proof?

I can confirm I’ve now seen some people that were below the old cut offs, but above the new cut offs receive rewards.

Not everyone, but have seen some.

Looks like most players got their rewards now but it looks like a few are missing out still. It also appears that teams which received their titles and rewards (but should not have due to disqualification) have also kept them.

Hopefully blizzard will fix this soon.

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This still hasn’t been fixed properly.

There are three players that I’m aware of that haven’t got their rewards.

Rank 1’s:

Dintxo (Team: RMPalse) - R1 Cutoff 2205 in 3s, had all the wins and game participation required. Two other players in the team correctly received their R1 title.

Belquinv (Team: POGGING THE FCK OUT) - R1 Cutoff 2341 in 5s, had all the wins and game participation required. Four other players in the team correctly received their R1 title.

Inspectahdek (Team: stop qing dpr) - Glad cut off 2100, had all wins and game participation required. Did not receive R1 title.


Apocolytelol (Team: multi glad giga chads) - Glad cut off 2248 in 5s, had all the wins and game participation required. All other team members correctly received their gladiator titles.

Mitchinspace and Roox (Team: we lose to disc rogue) - Glad cut off 2100, had all wins and game participation required. Neither received their title or reward.

There are probably more that I’m unaware of, but these are 3 obvious cases to look into, because there’s no reason these 3 players don’t get the reward that their team did.

EDIT: If there are any other cases of this, post them below and I’ll edit to add to this list. Note that the requirements of qualifying in your team are:

  • Win at least 50 games in your team. (note: it’s win, not play).
  • You must have participated in at least 20% of your team’s games played.
  • Your personal rating must be within 100 points of the team rating.



My team hasn’t received rewards yet either. We ended the season at 2195 in 2’s with the new cutoff being 2100.

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inspectahdek didnt get r1 yet either

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I didn’t get R1 from the adjustment with my 3v3 team on NA at 2654 even though the in game cutoff is now 2637.

Only received Gladiator on tuesday.


My character Roox, finished 9th in 2s after adjusted cutoffs in OCE has not received Glad title/mount yet.


your time is coming king, we demand justice for dintxo


Two of my mates didn’t receive the titles they rightfully earned according to Blizzard’s rules and regulations…

Dintxo - Arugal (OCE) - horde rogue:
Achieved 2205 rating in 3v3 arena, which is rank 1 according to blizzard’s in-game title cutoffs noticeboard… Dintxo has the PR, sufficient games played, no one in the team was disqualified… and his two team mates from “RMPalse” (3v3 team name) both received their titles… yet dintxo did not receive his…

Apocolytelol- Arugal (OCE) - horde priest:
Achieved gladiator ranking in 5v5 according to blizzard’s in-game arena rating title cutoffs noticeboard and, similarly to dintxo’s case, has not received his title despite having rightfully earned it by blizzard’s rules and regulations…

My mates are left hanging after an intense grind all season while everyone else is celebrating their rewards… seems incredibly rough… Blizz, please give dintxo and apocolytelol the titles they rightfully earned without any foul play… it’s not just them you’ve left hanging… it’s all their mates and supporters too… please fix this… it’s Friday night and we want to celebrate <3


can confirm many still have not received theirs


Would be nice if anyone from Blizzard acknowledged this at all…

Just a “Aware of the situation, still working on it.”

Just something so we’re not so in the dark.


Cant believe I didnt get my Rival

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