Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs?

Keep it on the topic guys, if you think someone should be banned but weren’t, just provide as much info as possible to Blizzard.

We want an answer to this issue where only OCE wintraders are rewarded.


ya keep on topic


sorry boss.

waiting for an update on this

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Pretty poor effort when they can’t even address this


wintraders are laughing and taunting us in game… lol gg blizzard, you are encouraging people to wintrade.


Considering the OCE ladder was created a week before end of season it’s clear they simply forgot to update the cutoffs. I really don’t think they’ll ignore this and allow cheaters to hold titles hostage whilst legitimate players are punished.

It does suck that we have to post on the forums or submit tickets just to receive the same treatment as the other regions though.


I really hope so. its extremely disencouraging to know that wintraders get rewarded but people who play fair dont


i agree with what was said here. ban all the win traders.

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Still waiting

Looking at the cutoffs it’s definitely crystal clear that they didn’t update them properly compared to other regions.

If you’re a troll or one of the banned cheaters you might say well you don’t deserve it if you only finished on duelist rating. Firstly that’s irrelevant and the cutoffs should be followed the same way as other regions. Also you probably didn’t get queue sniped by certain rank 1 players account sharing 1900 teams to stop your push either.
I think its a good thing these players were banned as much as I respect their skill level I don’t agree with what they were doing.

However Blizzard have only half finished their job if they don’t reward the people who played fairly and earnestly and correctly follow the cutoffs. Best of luck to everyone waiting on a response.


Hopefully, please blizz

Just adding another statistic here, I haven’t been awarded my season 1 rewards either. I’m based in Yojamba. But the weird thing is my partner got his season 1 reward and I didn’t. Blizzard please fix


That sucks, they have completely botched the oce region. have you submitted a bug report?

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Hey Blizzard, remember that OCE is part of the competitive scene too. Don’t stick this one in the too hard basket.

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Looks like cutoffs were just fixed in game but no title changes yet

In game board has been updated, good news coming shortly hopefully.
2v2 R1 - 2235
Glad - 2100
duelist - 1855

3v3 R1 - 2205
Glad - 2079
Duelist - 1878

5v5 R1 - 2341
Glad - 2248
Duelist - 2015


Now let’s just hope they remember to update titles :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’d imagine there might be a maintenance tonight

Blizzard hasn’t enclosed the specific reason.