Forget to update OCE Arena Title Cutoffs?

I believe Blizzard has forgot to update OCE ladder cutoffs after the ban waves.

Pulling data directly from Blizzard API, earlier this week Blizzard updated US and EU ladders. The update showed that Blizzard disqualified teams with banned players in them. The cutoffs were lowered to reflect the disqualifed teams.

OCE data has not changed. According to data directly from Blizzard API, and the cut offs in game at the arena master, the cut offs are still set to teams that are banned. This currently means no teams on OCE will be getting a rank 1 title.

Basically, people that broke ToS are now holding all the R1 titles, and they won’t be awarded them. It means 0% of legitimate players get rank 1 titles. It also means way less than 0.5% of players are getting a gladiator title.

I’m not sure if Blizzard has overlooked this. However, I do know that USA and EU have had the changes made, and OCE cutoffs have stayed exactly where they are, despite banned players.


If this is true, wouldn’t that mean that no one in OCE will get a rank one title? Pretty lame…


This is true, Oce ladder has not been updated but EU and US has. No answers on in game ticket or on forum so far.

Thank you Blizzard for taking action on these players but please update our ladder as well.


Will see soon enough. Poor form re: OCE cutoff API data. This season continues to deliver.


Looks like rewards have been sent to those who should have been disqualified.

What a joke.


Yeah, they forgot.


Sooooo this is a mistake and it will be rectified?

No rank 1 titles awarded on OCE. Players in teams that should have been DQ’d have received mounts and titles.

Blizzard forgot to update OCE cut offs, forgot to DQ teams with banned players in them.

Given the way Blizzard has done this, I bet banned players at the moment would logon in 6 months and have R1 titles/glad mounts etc (if Blizzard doesn’t fix).


what are the odds they will fix it… lol they could have done it before issuing rewards.

Calculated the cutoffs many times and this is the biggest scuff up I’ve ever seen lol


Remember to cheat early and cheat often, friends.
Even if you do get caught being a scumbag, everyone else has to suffer as much as you do!
Must have been stressful being banned. Here, have a glad mount for your troubles.


truly astonishing stuff

Blizz, are you home?

Just to make this crystal clear.

There was a banwave that went out accross EU/NA/OCE servers. These players all received a 6month ban. I’m sure Blizzard is aware of this.

On EU/US servers, Blizzard adjusted the cutoffs for Rank One, Gladiator, Duelist etc. - once they removed the teams that had banned players in them, obviously the cut offs should move.

On OCE, blizzard never adjusted the cutoffs. Obviously if the rank 1 team is 2300, but then they get banned for wintrading, the rank 1 cutoff should move. However, it never did. Same goes for Gladiator, Duelist etc.

As a result, not a single player has received a rank 1 title on OCE.

This is an obvious error. It’s an error specific to OCE. It’s likely an oversight, but it needs to be fixed. Disqualify teams that broke TOS, and move the cutoffs appropriately.


Oversight is an understatement when EU/US got handled correctly… blizzard fix now please.


this probably one of the win traders


Sorry, but that is somehow fitting.

this post is for the people who actually got f#**d in the crossfire the titles should be defaulted down like EU/US why should it be any different?

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Blizzard probs don’t even remember giving OCE their own ladder, considering they never officially announced it.


Lol heres a prime example of an edgy nerd that thinks a title obtained by cheating is worth anything. A title is bragging rights, when everyone knows it was obtained by cheating the title is worse than worthless, it becomes a joke.

Hope it was worth it bruz, atleast due to blizzards incompetence you may get to fly your scuffed mount in 6 months when it’s irrelevant and everyone can identify you as the cheating scum you are.