Forcing PVP and killing my character


Just outside of Tarren Mill today some Alliance players attacked and killed my non PVP character! How the hell did they do this. Way back when I first started playing years ago, at least 8 you could not attack another player of the opposite group via horde or alliance unless that persons character was marked for pvp. I did nothing to provoke these idiots and was not marked for PVP. So, if you guys have made it so anyone can attack anyone even without being marked for PVP then I want a refund and I will delete this damn game. I do not like PVP and purposefully make sure that I am not marked for PVP or do anything to make myself get marked for PVP or provoke any alliance characters. I really would like an answer as to how they got away with this. Unfortunately I was so stunned and they ran off so fast that I did not get the players characters name.


We’re you targeted by a guard?

(Nephe) #3

This is the most likely thing that happened. You got too close to a PvP NPC guard, and agroed them - this will flag you.


To be clear, there is no such thing as a non-PvP character. All characters are capable of being flagged for PvP. Another player cannot force you to flag for PvP but there are conditions when it will happen. If you got too close to an Alliance camp, it could have flagged you, or as Mer suggested, an Alliance flagged guard may have targeted you.

If you otherwise believe you encountered a bug, I would recommend posting in the Bug Report forum with as much information as you can so our QA team can take a look.

(Nok) #5

Did you heal a player that may have been flagged for PvP?

(Aarschott) #6

There are a number of things that will flag you for PvP.

  1. entering an enemy capital city (the boundary line to be considered “entering” may be some distance outside the actual city walls)
  2. getting too close to an enemy camp where their guards detect you and make an attempt to attack you.
  3. entering a BG or arena
  4. attacking an enemy flagged character.
  5. healing or buffing a friendly flagged character.
  6. deliberately turning on your pvp flag.
  7. playing on a PvP server (classic)
  8. turning on warmode (retail)

Some of the above went away with the “warmode” thing currently in use but most of the above probably still applies in classic.

No enemy player can force your flag to enable, but you may have unknowingly done something to turn on your flag.

(Melaesia) #7

In addition to this, does Classic still have the issue with a flagged player stepping into a non-flagged player’s AoE? I’m not sure when that got removed.

(Thundertotem) #8

I think that got removed in MoP. I remember complaints about it then during the timeless islands pvp shenanigans

(Rufflebottom) #9

You missed one. Having a PvP quest in your log. Like the ones in Grizzly Hills.

(Melaesia) #10

Thank you. I know that falls under #4 in Aarschott’s list, but it’s worth noting. If it is still in Classic (and probably is), then that can flag you without knowing it.


Alliance guards by Tarren Mill? I don’t think this is what happened. More than likely they rezzed, or healed someone flagged

(Nobully) #12

it’s entirely possible that they ran too close to the alliance guards outside the AV entry… and didn’t notice they were flagged until they were attacked by a player.


These 2 should not be possible in retail. When you attempt to do them you get an error message telling you that you have to be flagged for pvp to do that.

Definitely in Classic though.

(Kypookins) #14

That is it.

I remember that, way back in the day; I’ve only played on PVE servers.


Hard to see but I do agree this would qualify as “just outside of tarren mill”