Forced xp-on and islands/old raids


Not sure if this is the right place but I’m putting this here because it involves islands.

Blizzard staff, the recent announcement and retraction of force turning xp back on at 110+ has me concerned. I’m currently working on getting exalted with the 7th legion on my Alliance alt to unlock dark iron dwarves to level one to 111, turn xp off, and make a legion speed set with aggramar’s and sephuz to run old raids and dungeons quickly. (Never mind how much time I’m spending just to save time. Lol.) I’m also going to do islands with this toon in addition to doing them on my main for mount/pet/transmog farming.

Am I wasting my time doing this because you’re intending to force turn on xp for characters 110+? I know you’re still deciding especially after the community feedback to your announcement, but I’d really like a heads up if I’m wasting my time. I don’t want to level to 111 and work on legendaries and a speed set if I’m not going to be able to cap my toon at that level.

If you’re looking for feedback on this, I don’t really have any particular need to have a toon at that level for Islands. Yes, Islands may be fast with a 110/111 twink, but they go pretty darn fast with a geared character (370+ goes quite fast in my experience regardless of what the other two people in the group are doing).

My main concern is old dungeons and raids. If there were an equivalent to the aggramar’s legendary from Legion at level 120, or even allowing aggramar’s to still function at 120 if you’re in legacy dungeons/raids, this would be acceptable. Or something like a “dungeon delver’s” potion that massively increased speed in legacy dungeons, enchants specifically for that purpose, etc. A big part of the game for me is doing all those dungeons and raids for mounts, pets, and transmog, which I started doing in Legion thanks to how powerful aggramar’s is for such things.

tl;dr wouldn’t mind having to level to 120 if there was an equivalent speed boost specifically for running legacy dungeons and raids more efficiently. I’m sure islands being ran by twinks is a big concern of yours, but that could be fixed by adjusting the scaling of them specifically so people don’t have to get raid geared to run them in a decent amount of time.


I got a 110 shammy xp locked at the moment. I want to unlock him and get some 111 gear, but I also have questions as to if I will be able to turn xp back off