For those chasing Family Battler achievement

(Symbioserous) #1

So I dont know if this is common knowledge and because I found out by complete accident I’m sharing here.

It appears that because tamers are repeatable now, one does not have to wait for a daily to pop to get credit towards the achievement. You can just romp on up and begin battling.

So if you want to go hard and get that achievement completed by tomorrow you can.


the 1st few days, I just did them, as the WQs popped up, after I found out that ppl had already completed the achiv, I was left out of the race. and gave up for weeks, before completing it.

(Loncis) #3

I think most of us were aware of this, but I’m glad you posted it in case some weren’t.

I’m reminded of the shoulder enchantment we had in Legion. People often talked about it, but seldom mentioned where it came from. For a long time, I assumed it was something Enchanters made, so I was looking daily in the Auction House for Boon of the Zookeeper. Then I finally found out it was purchased from Draemus.

So, don’t worry about sharing some information that might be common knowledge. You didn’t know that at first, so I seriously doubt you’re the only one who wasn’t aware of this.