For the love of god, let us send honor to alts

It’s no fun for anyone stepping into BGs with 20k hp to do the honor farm and just makes us merc alliance with our crap gear to lose faster and farm faster.


I left my characters at 50 on a BFA sub this entire expansion because I knew the hamster wheel of gear/legendary/borrowed power grinding was going to be horrible. Especially for people like me that have 7 characters.

PvP should have an ilvl floor all new characters are scaled to. Honor gear should be about 5/10 levels above it. Conquest gear should be about 5/10 levels above Honor gear.

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But it’s super alt friendly!!

Just stick to epic bg’s exclusively until you fill out all the baseline rank 1 honor pieces to get 265 ilvl across the board. It’s 450~ honor even with a loss and 800-1200 honor for a win. I was getting 1-2 pieces every 2 battles depending on win or loss. It’s large scale so your gear doesn’t matter as much, just do something semi productive.

Doesn’t take that long to get a full set of the starter blues and then you don’t have to play scared anymore. Stick to objectives and vehicles (isles, wintergrasp) whenever you can to make it less miserable.

I’m still scared with a full 7/7 honor gear set and 2 legendary pieces.

Basically, if you don’t do rated, be prepared to die in 2-3 seconds.

What? That’s full 285 iLvL then.

Arena players currently have at best 2 pieces more then you currently (3 if they were lucky enough to get weapon from this weeks vault)

I assure you they are not obliterating you with that little of an ilvl difference at this point in the season, damage is just high across the board. We all deal with it and you likely are not used to the pace of the current game.


That’s within a few item levels of bis.

I’ve been trying to tell you people since SL started

BiS PvP gear doesn’t stop you from dying instantly to somebody else with gear

I’ve tried telling people this too, but most people I’ve talked to think that duelist gear will make you completely unkillable outside of a raid team swarming you.

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Hey that extra 10k hp and 4% Vers keeps me alive for exactly 0.25seconds longer against one shots! Details told me :joy:

plz also get rid of ALL the reputation requirements on things

plz NEVER EVER EVER make a rep grind EVER AGAIN. that makes me want to VOMIT. ITS NOT FUN


It’s two world quests daily.

dude u troll me so hard lol


2 boring azz quests every day

for many weeks

no thanks. id rather do zero of them for 0 weeks


Yeah, between queues.

The reason they exist is to offer some structure for people after the Wod incident.

why cant i just earn the thing from pvp?

isnt why they make all this time gated rep grind bullcrap? “time played metrics”

i play this game all day long, i like random bgs and thats about it. why do i gotta do that content that i find boring af?

i remember in wod and legion all i did was pvp. that was cool. why did it have to change


Then surely ten minutes doing two world quests (probably between queues) shouldn’t be too much.

I don’t disagree with the ease of doing the zm wqs daily, but they could reduce the rep from revered to honored on unity. Still takes 28+ days doing everything daily / weekly.

Or even let me make it as a belt only but 291 and still equip two légendaires.

They’ve eased a lot of things for this patch, that would be another one that would be nice for returning players.


242 is 259 in battlegrounds I believe.

That is instant death and nowhere near bis.

Bis players look at unrated players and they die.

Been like that for 2 years.

That’s how it’s going to be for the next two years.

Honor gear goes to 285. This is that “equalized” gear that everybody fantasizes about.

Upgrade it.

Play an hour of rated 2s to get 1600 and profit.


Never have, never will.

System is dumb and I refuse to take part in it.