I don’t know if it has always been a problem and it just wasn’t known because queues weren’t long enough, but the game is disconnecting for at least a large number of us EVERY TIME the queue timer hits 1 hour.

There is some kind of bug in the code where as soon as it hits that 1 hour tick, it kicks you off WoW and you have to log back in.

HEAVEN FORBID you are afk at the time while waiting in queue and you don’t log back in sooner than 2 minutes, you lose the ENTIRE queue. Congratz. You just spent an hour waiting for nothing. Now you get to do it again.

Please Blizz, FIX THIS.


Incoming alliance gloating.

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Kinda sad it’s so predictable


Wow an hour queue imagine that

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plz fix blizzard zug zug need help

Just use an ability once in a while. There is a new-ish feature that disconnects people if they are inactive. Mashing your space bar every once in a while is insufficient.

Wow that sounds terrible

Here’s a suggestion, set up an alarm on your phone for one hour and remind yourself to log back in?

its not the afk timer. itll kick you regardless. AFK timer is 30 minutes to DC. if you’re afk for 5 minutes and it ticks to an hr itll DC you.

If alarm doesn’t work, there were ways they used to do it in the past but I wouldn’t post those on the forum.

Its not the queue d/cing you.

If you afk in game for an hour doing anything, the game d/cs you at the hour mark even if you move your character. You have to interact with something in the game at least once per hour to keep from getting disconnected at the hour mark.


the problem is if you’re in the bathroom, or what i do during queue sometimes is cook, so you don’t always have the opportunity to go back and check.

this is only when the queue is 70-80 mins tho. i almost always catch it in time, but there have been a couple times where i missed it, and believe me, it was very rage inducing.

Another issue I noticed with av queues is that group queue is still busted, at least for horde. It seems to put you in some sort of lower priority for matches and adds 20 minutes or more. How is blizzard not johnny on the spot fixing this stuff making millions per month on subs?

thats really stupid. does talking to an npc count?

Taking something out of the bank and putting it back in counts. Buying something really cheap like 1s then selling it counts. I think just opening the auction house works as well. You can’t just buff yourself though, like if you’re a mage for example.

that is incredibly stupid. but ty for the info.

Just talking doesn’t seem to do it. Buying or selling or repairing from a vendor does. Quest turn’ins do. Queueing also does.

What I’ve taken to doing is queueing for WSG at around the 30-40 min mark and then dropping the WSG queue immediately after.

You can also save your AV or WSG tokens and turn those in every 30-40 min as well to avoid being d/ced. That also works.

I think it had more to do with the first few weeks post launch, with big queue times etc. People just tapping the keyboard or whatever every so often and staying online. It was a way to kick people and only allow the ones actually playing to stay online.
This should be changed now obviously.


I mean… if you are cooking while waiting and the queue pops you are probably gonna miss it.

If you are in the bathroom and the queue pops are you getting back before you miss that game?

It sounds like you are afk from your computer a whole lot…


You just have to move. I clear my AFK all the time by hitting my spacebar to jump.

have you tried getting gud?