For Healer Mains - Is healing "fun"?

I know fun is relative, but when you finish a raid or Mythic plus, do you feel like you had fun healing?

I have played Ranged DPS in every game I have ever played since EQ. SL is ripping my heart out and I am thinking of trying healing for a fresh new perspective. Never healed a single time in my 20+ career of MMORPG’s.

Any advice to make the transition easier or should I stick with what I know?

Depends on what content you’re doing or who you’re playing with. At least for me.


It is when you aren’t getting screamed at.


Its fun when you don’t have to play with dummies. A lot of dps and hunters in general are dummies. So no it isn’t fun lol.


Personally, I think the healing classes are the best developed specs in the game for the most part.


I absolutely love healing. It’s best done with people you like or are comfortable with, of course, because the pug life is a wonderful way to raise your blood pressure. But the concept of completing content while keeping people alive has always been very enjoyable to me. I’ve been healing for about 14 years or so now, on this guy in particular.

It’s never a bad time to try learning something new, you might find you’ll like it. And there are plenty of healing styles to try out — you’ve got the HoT of the Druid, the cool down focus and utility of the Shaman, the strong direct healing of Paladin, the mobile healing of the Monk, and a two part shield/attack focus or strong direct healing of the Priest.


I’ve been a main healer off and on since Wrath, if you wanna try healing i would say go for it you can decided if its not for you. tbh taking up a diff role will allow you to see what and how the games played from a diff perspective and can potentially make you a better player. hope this helps. :slight_smile:


It’s one of the laws of Warcraft: “You can’t heal stupid”


Healing is most fun with an experienced group

exactly lol

I find healing fun, but it comes with some big draw backs.

  1. When you begin healing +10 and above, you are often expected to dps as well as heal
  2. People will always stand in mechanics then get upset at you when you don’t keep them up (even if the spiteful is smacking them in the face)
  3. Some tanks are not observant of healer mana, and this can be punishing for anyone who is still getting used to healing

These are almost entirely issues with randoms. When running with a good group, healing is a blast!


Healing is mostly fun in dungeons, but can be challenging. For me, healing is not fun in raids, as the encounters are tuned so wildly different that unless you are constantly swapping around the healer team there will be a lot of extremely dull pulls as you afk and hammer your 1 DPS ability because there is no healing to do.

Great advice/feedback, thank you.

Question - Do you guys do everything in game as healer or do you “switch specs” to do like Torghast and WQ’s etc?

Well, being a resto shaman in Torghast is about the easiest content a person can do.


Switch specs.

Healing is fun, it’s like its own little mini game, but like you said it is subjective. Give it a try, you never know what you’ll fall in love with, and just because you are playing around as heals doesnt mean you can swap to dps or tank from time to time.

I love reactive healers. I am old and have been playing MMORPGS since EQ launched (probably like you ) and while I still have fun in games, I am way to old to get into every little detail of every dungeon. So I don’t run things higher than Heroic dungeons or maybe LFR, I can just get in the passenger seat as a healer, follow the group, and keep the bars filled.

I know others say they feel stress, and while I may get some, since I have healed so long I find it relaxing in a way DPS or tanking doesn’t.

I know random thoughts, but if you do lower content, even at progression, healing can be fun and less stressful than other roles. Just know people will die. Just don’t let it get to you. Focus tank and yourself and help DPS if you can (and they can’t stay out of stuff)

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I switch specs. Personally, I enjoy all specs of my main. I just happen to run heals mostly for M+, raiding, and PvP

I love healing. It’s great when you feel good with a particular spec and your utility (and potentially dps) can shine beyond just your healing.

As for advice, healing in leveling dungeons is helpful in learning your skills. Join your class/spec discord, too. And depending on your spec and content preferences, there may be other sites you can check out with really helpful info.

I don’t use healing addons, but I highly recommend using mouseover macros for your heals. Lots of other healers swear by addons, so check those out, too, if it interests you.


I have three healers. One of which is my main. I do lots and lots of M+

Do I feel like it is “fun” ? HM. No, I dont. It’s not fun. Most of the time I feel like I just had an Olympic sized workout on my mouse hand. My adrenaline is pumping and usually my nerd vein is throbbing out of control due to the increased blood pressure that is caused by: tanks who don’t know a good balance between needing to time and starving you of mana and DPS who go out of their way to get hit by every mechanic in the dungeon. Then there are the dps who get hit by not only everything but they find new exciting ways to take damage. Like oh look there is a spike studded brick wall 300 yards out of my way that we don’t even need to go close to. Let me run over there and fling myself upon it!

TLDR; do I have fun healing? Rarely fun. So why do I do it? Because it’s the role I’m best at. I’m two 15s away from my second KSM toon and done 100% through pugs because I am not a social butterfly to get into a guild etc.

I’m sure somewhere some healer is having fun with their friends in discord completing runs that don’t cause their enrage mechanic to trigger every pull. But it is not me. I suffer silently in the pig group finder that is my own personal purgatory.


And also because I’ve tried tanking and dpsing and I’m just not good at it.

The most fun I have in the game is when I do transmog runs in old legion mythics content that are still very challenging as a healer but also fall completely on my own skill to do


Usually, yes. I really enjoy healing.
However it can be stressful if you end up with a crap team that makes your life harder then blame you for their mistakes.

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