For "general" class tuning/changes/etc

(Myronas) #1

What is the method used to determine if a spec is [insert issue here] by Blizzard?

More specifically what would be the factor in not making a change in Unholy? Or maybe more appropriately, why not give Unholy an update?

(Sefirosuwar) #2

Have you tried out PVP as unholy?
if you have not I highly recommend it cause unholy DK in arena is strong right now. might enjoy it.

(Myronas) #3

I appreciate the positivity, but I don’t like anything about the way Unholy plays right now at all. If I wanted to play a class with Combo Points I would have chosen Rogue. Unholy has been shoehorned.

On a separate note, I don’t care for PvP. This is for raids. The spec needs help.

(Beefköw) #4

UH is only good for NS and abomination.

Outside of that, their damage and rotation is flawed.