For all my Struggling Guild Masters out there

I know there’s a ton of alliance guilds here and I know recruiting has been tough guys I feel the struggle with you.

This is kind of a shot in the dark but I wanna put it out there for a opportunity to make an even greater guild community.

I know its hard to swallow our prides and we wanna fight that good fight, but i would like to put this out there.

Solidarity has been around since day one and have been fairly strong throughout we have had our ups and down but currently we are feeling stronger than ever with a very classic long term community of players.

A good amount of us have started getting our alts to 60 and have been pugging raids on them but are looking to start a second raid team. I know there are a few guilds out there struggling to recruit and not able to clear content, so what I’m proposing is if you wanna talk and discuss specifics to please reach out to me.

I’m proposing to absorb your guild all members and create a second raid team and aid in recruiting for your team and filling with our 60 alts. I know relinquishing control is hard but you would run your raid team the same as you do now we will just be assisting in bodies and recruiting, this being said it would not be a merger you would not be taking any leadership roles in terms of the guild as a whole but as a leader for your raid team, you would continue to run things how you want inside your team just becoming part of a larger healthy community of players.

If this interest any of you even a little bit please reach out to me I think we could make something great for both us and helping to improve you and your friends classic experience.

Thank you for you time and consideration.

Bnet Rojax#1908

Jesus, how is it that hard when you guys are the majority of HS.


Or you could do the smart thing and get off a dead af server.

Lots of room for growth on Pagle.

Eh, kind of refuse to give blizz money to fix a problem that they should be fixing themselves. I like wow and all, but i’m also stubborn: if they screw up that much, i’ll drop my subscription before i’ll pay them more money.

The old raid 2 scam. Get the alts gear then dump all the suckers. once you gear up in MC then find more suckers to start on bwl.

Seen this happen all over the place and these people are running out of people to con it seems.