Focus Yes or No

So who is tired of focus as our resource should they find something else or revert us back to mana? Just wondering what you think

In my opinion, Focus is leaps and bounds better than mana. As long as you have enough haste to keep it regenerating quickly, you essentially never run out.


Keep Focus. Mana wasn’t even supposed to be our resource in the first place.

As for making a new type of Resource, not sure what the purpose of that would be.


Focus is the right resource for our class. Mana was a very bad early decision.


We don’t even use mana anymore and im still tired of it. :no_good_woman:t6:


Mana is a horrible resource for modern DPS, and Hunter in general.

Focus all the way.


What is the issue with focus?
Survival and MM have active focus builders (and before tier were kind of built around building/spending rotations)
BM with enough haste has pretty rapid passive focus regen.

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Yeah no, if I wanted to play a dps ranged class that uses mana/can run out of mana, I’d play literally any other ranged dps. I might be biased because I started out as a cat/bear druid so I like not running out of mana. If we had a spellbow spec, then that would make more sense for mana, but focus is so much better in my opinion.

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Why though??


So I was in the process of working on my hunter and I will say only thing I will be able to do on him is non ranked pvp, Dailies, lfr. My guild imploded and no one is on hardly anymore. And while working him I was actually asked by a rogue if I liked focus which led into a conversation about Focus and then other resources other classes have like energy/mana. And well like the rogue I was talking to I was just curious to see people’s thoughts.

Same as I posed a question on my mage in the mage forums about what spec prefer and why just curious. Did not want to imply that focus should be removed just asked the same question that I was asked.

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To be fair. Focus sounds something you generate and then spend rather than having full focus and then losing it with most abilities. But yea. Energy 3.0 > mana

Im survival, i have 9% haste, I never run out of focus in pvp.

Focus >>> Mana

That said, I’d like to see a bit of anti-starve, anti-overcap mechanism built into it that’d give it a bit more depth and make it less likely to contradict or make waste of itself under a deluge of Focus-neutral or Focus-positive attack procs.

For instance, if Raptor Strike dealt 116.6 to 233.3% of Attack Power at 20 to 40 Focus cost (higher Focus = higher cost and damage) while Kill Command would deal 67% to 133% of Attack Power at 20 to 10 Focus generated (higher Focus = less generation, higher damage).

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hell no get out of here with that. the best move ever made for the hunter class was changing the resource from mana to focus. the worst move was taking ranged sv to melee.

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What’s the reason behind that idea? You just got bored with focus as resource or what?


Well when I made this post I had just had a conversation with another player they were asking questions about hunter and what I liked and didnt like and then asked how I liked focus as a resource . And as I stated I was just curious about what others thought. We ended talking about almost every class and what not so again was just curious

Calm down it was just a question about what you thought no need to be a jack a** over a question.

Focus*>Energy>Rage >>> Mana to me.

*Focus just being a more bankable Energy (at least until one’s pushing Energy up to maximums of 170 of course).

I do remember being briefly disappointed by the switch to Focus, though; I overvalued what little optimization was available via/around Aspect of the Viper.

Its the same thing with class specific modifiers, but w/e. I was just generalising systems.

But a rage based focus instead of energy sounds better to me where you build up focus to unleash a big hit instead of just being max focused all the time and having to release that focus during fight. It’s unhealthy. You gotta relax a little.

But that’s just my 2 cents

Playing classic with mana, and retail with focus, I like them both. But they each have positive and negative traits. As long as it flows, I don’t care which one.