Focus target macro problem

So this is my first time making a macro to cast counterspell and polymorph on my focus target. I’ve tried both /cast [@focus] Counterspell and /cast [focus=target] Counterspell without any success. I see the focus target plate there but it says I have no target. And when I target something else while keeping the focus target, it just uses Counterspell of my main target not the focus target. Any ideas what might be the problem?

Have you made sure you’ve actually put the macro on your bars? (It sounds obvious, but I know I’ve forgotten a couple times and spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to troubleshoot a macro that I forgot to drag onto my bar to replace the regular spell that was there.)

It worked udiza ty. Also I just realized it -has- to be a focus target to use. Is there any macro for the spells to work on my main target when i have no focus target?

[] means ‘like normal’

/cast [@focus,harm,nodead] [] Counterspell

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Here’s a similar macro used by hunters.
/cast [@focus,help][@focustarget,help][@target,help][@targettarget,help][@pet,nodead,exists] Misdirection

It casts MD on the focus, if it exits,
Else on the target it it exists,
Else on the target of the target, if it exists,
Else on the pet.

[@target,help] is the same as [help]
[@pet,nodead,exists] ‘nodead’ implies ‘exists’ so ‘exists’ is redundant here
also recommend you add nodead to the other conditionals to make sure the macro always works as intended

/cast [@focus,help,nodead] [@focustarget,help,nodead] [help,nodead][@targettarget,help,nodead] [@pet,nodead] Misdirection

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very cool will use, ty all