Focus on having fun. May enjoy the game more


I do feel your pain Orphanchild.
I love playing arms. I know if i go into a BG as arms instead of fury im probably going to have a rough day.
Im not disagreeing with anyone about the state of the game.
Im simply saying you may be able to reduce stress by accepting WOW is going to be WOW. There never will be perfect balance and there will always be something to exploit.

Efx - I dont think anyone enjoys losing. However most people feel the sting of loss because “someone got the best of them” or “someone was better than them” However neither is necessarily the case in wow due to imbalances. Im saying you may find some peace by accepting you are choosing to participate in a unbalanced system.
For me its hard to get upset when i loose to someone with a substantial mechanic bonus when i went in knowing that would be the case.

It can also be very rewarding when you beat a team that has the “i win” button gear and FOTM classes.


Arms is fine, DK is just better, which is the case for all classes in BFA.

Since most of the class toolkit is pretty much the same, the one that does better get to be the meta.


Yea at this point if you’re “fighting the good fight”

Despite Blizzard’s blatant silence and blatant disregard for broken items then idk man.

They literally laugh at you and mock you

Have fun with what you got or just idk, they don’t care what you do

(Exalter) #17

I get your point. I think Efx basically summed up mine. It’s just not fun losing no matter how much you try to focus on improving or whatever.

For example I can’t have fun focusing on my game play when I am fighting Destro Warlocks that have 265k health and an agility trinket that makes them unkillable.

Like why do I have to fight Unholy DK/Rdruid teams with ilvl 415 in 2’s at 1400 on my alt with 370 gear I’m just trying to cap on? My only hope is the Rdruid just stays in cat form with no hots and randomly decides to put me on dr to every cc in the game so I can kill him.

It’s just not fun dealing with this type of stuff. I don’t feel like there’s a lot for me to learn from situations like this, and even if there was it’s hard to determine what was due to a mistake on my end and what was just an impossible to overcome gear or spec advantage.

Like maybe going on X target and running a cc chain on Y target is the right call, but it doesn’t work and you think “ok bad idea next time vs this comp we will do this and that instead”. But then the only reason you actually lost is because the kill target had some OP pve gear and vs any other comp without it that actually was the right call. Now you’re just confused and have no idea why you lost and end up executing the wrong strat vs the next team.

It’s just super demoralizing to deal with such large imbalances between gear and specs.

(Bertimus) #18

A coach of mine in HS football said something to me that really resonated. This is all about having fun, but you know what I think is really fun? Looking at the scoreboard at the end of the game and having more points than the other team.


I do not disagree with you at all Exalter.
Im just saying this system (broken or not) is what we have.
If its just to stressful perhaps many would be better off with a new game.

I took a 4 month break about 2 to 3 months ago. The game has been more enjoyable sense i returned due to acceptance of what is.

For clarity “accepting what is” =/= “being ok with what is”
I found pve can be fun and just seeing the environment. It really is a beautiful game.
Think we all have to focus on the things we like about the game. As with all things in life if the bad out weighs the good may be time to move on.

(Rethumtv) #21

Yeah even when some gear was broken in Wrath/Cata, the amount of people that actually has the pieces was not nearly as widespread as the current system. It took a lot of time and effort and months of raiding before you started seeing Legendary weapons.

Right now it feels like day 1 we already see so many of the new items from Crucible it changed the meta on day 1 of raid release :expressionless:

(Pouljikhan) #22

Every season some specs are after thoughts and some specs are OP. That is kind of how a changing meta-game balance works… That said the deviation between top specs and bottom specs playability is incredibly inflated in BfA thanks to a number of factors including maledict, healer throughput, large healthpools, and the terrible affect PvE trinkets are having on the game.

None of these things are new… Used to be some players had legendary weapons in arenas which drastically reshaped the landscape. It just feels different because the broken trinkets this time around cause crazy survivability and not the other way around.


The real reason why we’re all so frustrated is because the game USED TO BE GOOD. If the game was always in this sad state that it’s in, it would be a lot easier to accept it, but the devs just keep putting in worse and worse ideas as the xpacs go on.

The fact that they don’t learn from their past mistakes is mind-boggling. The new gear fiasco is a perfect case-in-point of this. Games are supposed to get better over time, not worse.


Whoever is playing this game and not enjoying themselves probably has an addiction problem to it. These games are about entertainment, if you don’t find yourself enjoying your time playing, then take a break, go find something you enjoy doing.


why you gotta hit us in the soul like that


literally going to make a forum post of this quote

(Orphanchild) #28

You’re not spewing some super intelligent unknown post. I’m explaining why WoW isn’t fun.

Class balance swings, sure. But they haven’t even attempted to tune the game at a respectable pace. There will always be a first and last place from a tuning perspective, but so far in BfA they have let classes/specs rot for months at a time without even a sign that it’s on their radar (or let some go very overtuned).

RNG gear is new also. Had a hint of it in Legion but it didn’t affect PvP. Even on the PvE side, you can find mega posts from world first raiders to casuals about how gearing sucks and furthermore just how much stronger the best gear is over the weakest (not even stats, just effects like tank trinket).

And legendary weapons in arenas hasn’t been around since Cataclysm. Virtually almost all PvE gear vanished from arena starting in MoP save it for a few trinkets that weren’t nearly as game altering as things like diamond laced, void stone, the tank trinket people were using in tournaments in S1, etc. If anything they gave a small offensive advantage over their PvP counter-part but, again, that mostly went away in MoP.

Perhaps only PvP-ing for competitive gear is a route they didn’t want to go, but they could have handled it differently. The issues many people complain about - ridiculous titanforging, socket proccing, and nearly 0 control over character progression apply to everyone.

Not sure why you thought you were coming in with some new science as if fun isn’t subjective in the first place. It is fair to assume that the vast majority of players that partake in PvP combat, be it any game, are doing so to beat the other player. When you lose or are severely hindered due to circumstances outside of how well you play your character I doubt you call that fun/enjoyable.

(Efx) #29

Like the legend Athene once said: "If I kill you, if I own you in game, who is having fun, you or me?

(Landrada) #30

I just played against a warrior with the new raid trident, it’s so annoying

(Insolence) #31

After a day back I understand why people hate this season. All the top tier dps are also the most tanky. No punishment for misplays, no reward for smart plays.

(Dartail) #32

problem is that class design is awful and there are tons of gimmicks

you can have all the fun content in the world + enjoyable things to do (casual and hardcore), but if feels awful to actually do any of it then what’s the point

It’s like going on an awesome fieldtrip during highschool. You’d be having a lot of fun, except for the fact that you’re experiencing painful diarrhea the entire time


i don’t like my free time being wasted and many things about the current design result in unnecessary wasting of my time

forums are the spot to complain and hope for change

(Demoniclily) #34

This is exactly my attitude op. I understand wow pvp is unbalanced, I realized it when I started pvping ages ago. That doesn’t mean I’m cool with losing or don’t get a little rage inside when we lose to some bs pve item.

Like last night I was doing some 2s and we go up against dk/druid. And I spell lock the druid and full fear him, and bursted the dk while his amz and ams was still on cd. And this dk had like 3 different absorb procs rolling on him, he was at like 5% health for the whole time the druid was cc’ed. Oh and he ends up hitting a 90k death strike, so basically he kept him self up thru all my burst while not having his 2 big magic defensives. And I just let out a big ole sigh irl. Oh well.


wow 90k death strike is crazy