Flying mounts in no-flight zones

I’m a player who uses the “Random Favorite Mount” feature 99% of the time. In zones I can fly in I want the mount summoned to be a flying mount so I can take off immediately without having to remount 3 times to get a flying mount.

However, in zones like Korthia, Oribos, when I click the button I’m always given a flying mount instead of a ground mount.
In The Maw I get a mix of both, though the flying ones seem to be recent additions like the KSM and covenant flying mounts.

Any particular reason for this? Feels weird to be on a flying mount where I can’t fly. I know its a small QoL issue but thought I could ask :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! This is indeed odd behavior.

Mounts that look good on the ground (those that don’t hover) are preferred in non-flying areas. It sounds like some of the areas you describe don’t work as expected.

Interestingly, I don’t think the opposite is true, but it sounds like it would be preferred (e.g. if you are in a flying area, only flying mounts are summoned, assuming at least one of them exists in your favorites list).

Let me know if I got that wrong.


Yeah that is pretty much it.

For example, when I mount in korthia and get a mount like Ashes of Alar, which doesn’t have an animation for sitting on the ground and keeps flapping.

I don’t mind that the option exists to use a flying mount as a ground mount, I’m sure some players prefer it. I would just prefer that in a zone that I can’t fly that the random mount I get also can’t fly.

Yes, but unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying, the opposite is true. Let me say it like this so we’re both on the same page

Random Favorite mounts chosen: Horse and Gryphon
Zone with flying allowed: summons gryphon
Zone without flying allowed: summons horse (this includes instanced outdoor areas like battlegrounds)