Flying in Nazjatar 3 weeks after 8.2 is released? Thoughts?


Can’t Pathfinder part 1 give Kultiras/Zandalar its flight in 8.2 and Pathfinder part 2 give Nazjatar its flight in a later patch?


That’s 3 weeks assuming you’re doing all the dailies on Mechagon and whatever the Nazjatar WQs system turns out to be, on top of the story questlines. Not gonna casually unlock PF2 in 3 weeks, gonna have to work it.


You only need to get revered with each new faction. That shouldn’t be hard to get at all


Providing that second area opens up the same time as the first.


So you think blizzard advertising flying would be in 8.2 numerous times, the fact that they have it up and working that way on the PTR as well, isn’t enough reason to keep it that way ? Seriously why would you even think it would be remotely a good idea to change it at this stage ?


They’ll be accessible at the same time on live realms, but I’m getting the sense that Nazjatar will be more like WoD in the sense of progressing thru the zone, and things change, new opportunities open up, etc. So at first you might not have a lot of WQs to do, but the storyline of establishing a base on Nazjatar should provide ample faction.

Mechagon, OTOH will have more dailies and stuff to grind for rep early on, if it sticks to how it is currently on PTR, but there’s not as much storyline there. Perhaps that will also change once the dungeon is open.

(Newadus) #7

Should have been a five minute at max level to complete pathfinder and unlock flying account wide everywhere.

Flying was never a problem until bliz decided to make it a problem and that would remove all the potential harsh feelings.

Those who want to stay on the ground can still ride or walk.

Nothing is exclusive in the game so no unfair advantage because of flying exists, just happy players, which translates to subbed players.


It seems odd to me that we’d be flying in a city that was supposed to be underwater.

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Honestly, I’d expect an underwater city to be designed for 3D movement. Swimming mount in an underwater zone, flying mount in an open air zone, they’re almost the same thing.

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I’m less excited about flying in BFA than in Legion, mostly because I liked having a Bodyguard following me around with 3 bonus loot equipment for each WQ I popped. WQs in BFA are less interesting, less rewarding, and no bodyguard follower giving me candy for simply doing them. Yeah there are new Bodyguard followers in 8.2 but they only seem to work in one specific zone.

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To long.

Should have had pathfinder by a five minute quest in 8.0 account wide, retroactive to level 60 in all prior and current content.

Flying was never a problem until bliz made it a problem.

Customers do not exist to stroke the ego of the seller. They buy the product and use is in any way they want so long as it is possible to do so.

Don’t want to see the art or do certain content, prefer to fly over it.

Harms none, others can walk or ride on the ground if that’s their thing.

What harms some people is they can’t fly while others are doing what they want to do.

Schadenfreude at its finest example.


Enter middle-ground comment LMAO


I tend do disagree!


Rest assured there will be social media ads everywhere implying it will be this easy once 8.2 is out though…like they’ve done before.


I’d be ok with this stuff if I thought Blizzard was doing it for good reasons. Instead, though, it’s clearly underhanded and gating for purposes of stretching out time in-game. New Blizzard is stingy and attempt to waylay us at every turn. Fifteen years or so you’d think they’d be more easy-going, but no. Current Blizzard seems to be anti-QoL. Been excited actually doing Pathfinder 1 (just started playing again like a month ago) thinking I could hop on alts and level with flight, then saw the screen shot of the TWO reps and wind was just taken out of my sail. They’ve become ridiculous with this stuff.


Pretty much this.

They should have continued designing content with flight in mind. Instead they tried to take away flight in WoD and when that failed we got pathfinder to “earn” flight through boring and tedious grinds that were time gated.

Also why I am here, the only people complaining about flight were pvpers, but blizz could have just disabled flight in pvp/warmode without hurting everyone else.