Flying... Here's the truth


The Golden Lotus (I think? I’m kinda new) and the Saberstalkers were like this. You could choose to do dailies (or even a big weekly quest) for a chunk of rep OR you could grind mobs OR you could do a mixture of the two.

Imagine that! Giving players choices and options for how to best manage their own time, in and out of game!

My wife and I found a group and did the Saberstalker grind in 2 nights. We met new people in game and honestly it was one of the 2 most fun play sessions we’ve ever had in WoW.

Now we are slogging through WQ after WQ and our play sessions have turned into chores

Pathfinder + world quests have ruined the fun we once had playing wow. If Pathfinder awarded flying after 1) max level 2) story quests 3) zone exploration, and THEN you could fly around to do WQs, then perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad.


that’s because it DIDNT exist the people claiming to now dislike and or hate flying only spoke up now simply because Blizzard said something about it first

flying is not the issue its the fact Blizz decided its bad so now of course the self appointed white knight brigade have taken it upon themselves to defend them against any that disagree


When you give players a choice and the freedom to accomplish a goal multiple ways it makes the game much more fun.


Some of us enjoyed ourselves -while- unlocking flying. YMMV, though.


Pathfinder is fine. The spiteful time gate is not.


I speak with my wallet:

  • stopped playing (raiding and pvp-ing) in WoD and been playing each expansion since for few months only.
    That being said, no more pre-ordering xpac for me but I may buy it on sale if between 10-15 bucks. I had few play time cards which I sold and I have 20 days left on my last (i think) token.
    Only thing left for blizzard is introducing even more micro-transactions to milk players for as much cash as possible but I aint going to be one of them…


Had that discussion with the level 11 human warlock that loves to troll, and shill for these devs, and Blizzard in a flight thread a couple months ago. She tried to claim there were hundreds of threads made against flight over the years lol. Pics, or it didn’t happen was my response. After a few hours of her internet searching I guess lol, I finally got a notification response from her. She linked one thread, one thread lol from back in 2011 about flight. And it was more, or less some classic zone nostalgia freaks that got upset that flight was added to the eastern kingdoms, and kalimdor during the cata xpac. The op of that 2011 thread had a awesome 5 likes btw lol. Op of that thread really hit that one out of the ballpark lol. Then the shill 11 warlock linked a couple of anti flight threads well after the blizzcon 2013 no flight in wod announcement. She was hoping I guess that nobody would notice the dates on those hahaha. Because she tried her best to make it like those threads were made many years before 2013 lol. Never got a response from her after I mentioned that little tid bit lol.


BfA has been groundbreaking for me in that way. Thanks to the utter disaster that was BfA’s launch I will not buy the next xpac up front for the first time in WoW’s history!

Good job Blizz, hope the warm and fuzzy smugness was worth it.

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You should never pre-order games, not just WoW. I haven’t pre-ordered WoW since WoD.


Used to be fine to preorder games, back when companies delivered actual finished products.

Nowadays you’re almost guaranteed to get something rushed and broken or have the publisher slip in microtransactions post-release.

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Yup, game development has become trolling for dollars. There was a time I’d just buy a game based on the developer, back in the SSI and Microprose days. The small honest developers got bought out by big greedy companies…



A few people complained and Blizzard saw an opportunity to add in more false longevity by way of drudgery… flying is awesome and holding back by way of a terrible Rep grind is garbage.

I am 3k Rep from Pathfinder 2 completion and I can honestly say acquiring flying has been the worst experience in this expansion so far by a large margin… doubt i am alone.

Blizzard should really tone it down… Its clear they are obsessed with artificial content extension by way of grind but if they go too far people will just quit. People buy stuff in games to bypass grinds and that same lack of desire to grind will drive people to quit if there is no way around it.


I wont lie - well here i would like most - flying is one of the funnest elements of the game.

Nagrand pvp control thingy in outland… possibly the most fun world pvp ive ever had. Large zone expansion.

Blizz keeps making smaller expansion zones and just fills them densely to slow players down and give illusion of large zone. If u could fly early then you would get things done to quick.

Zones are designed beautifully- but i much prefer the feel and play of vanilla with crappy shaders and outland and wrath by far. So much more fun to get around in and explore not catching on everything and dazed every 20feet


Pathfinder and class pruning are the two worst things blizzard has continued with for years. Both fails that they refuse to let go of.

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Which is horrid game design. Expecting people to do something they don’t find entertaining to get to the entertaining bits and expecting them to pay for that experience is a big problem. Imagine this with any other product you buy.

Imagine buying the new CoD and to play it you needed to unlock an achievement in Starcraft that took 6 months to get. That’s how I feel about BFA and Pathfinder.

It’s been said numerous times that flight does improve this expansion. That pathfinder is one of the primary reasons people hate it.

The game was better when all these reps had were unique tabards and mounts. Locking professions and flight behind them is one thing. Giving us only world quests and dailies for rep gain is another. This entire debacle has probably cost them many customers and the only thing that sticks is that some of us do it therefore it must be entertaining enough. Participation in this regard is fake news.


It’s so weird how they do that too. Does making a huge wide-open zone really cost them that much more? It’s not like Tanaris or the Barrens or any other of the big zones is jam packed with assets in the open spaces.

I always wonder what kind of sheltered life people live that they think “suffering” in their leisure time is acceptable.


It doesn’t especially with them reusing assets like they did in Nazjatar from Azsuna and things like that. It’s more likely the dev time taken and philosophy of the zones than cost. Just my guess though.


If you don’t have time for pathfinder you aren’t even close to having time for classic.


Very true.

The grind for Pathfinder and the grind for Classic is two separate monsters.


Yeah I have no interest in flying in any of the BfA content if I have to play in the new zones. They’re terrible, and pathfinder in its current form is terrible.