Flower nodes just vanishing


I would be walking towards it and it just disappears into thin air.

I would be killing the mob next to it to farm the node and then it disappears.

I don’t understand.

(Sterly) #2

Been a bug since legion, yeah.

(Asterchades) #3

Or it’s been a deliberate change since Legion. As in, since Legion (though I suspect it may have been as far back as Draenor), nodes are no longer a one-and-done thing - any number of players can “tap” them (once each), provided they arrive soon enough after the first player does so.

In other words, what you’re likely seeing is a node that has already been used despawning because it has simply timed out. It takes about 5 minutes but there’s no way of knowing when the timer will end, or even if it’s been started.