<Floor Masters> 3/10H Recruiting WARLOCK and BOOMKIN

Floor Masters is a guild built on honesty, transparency, and fairness. Our guild is a long time group of friends with CE experience over the years.

We are currently 3/10M in Sanctum!

Priority Needs
Holy Paladin
Discipline Priest
Resto Shaman

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday - 8:00 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST
Thursday - 8:00 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST

I want to get to know you! Message me your favorite color on discord: Damian#6728


As a member of the guild this is the best guild I have been in. :innocent:

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Bump! Someone bring me an enhancement shaman!


Hi! I would like more information to your guild.


Found me via wowprogress, did not introduce or give any information about the guild, messaged me, and didn’t like that I wanted to know about the guild first before explaining myself. Obviously, if you messaged me you know my progress, I don’t know you or know what your intentions are adding me on discord, please for future reference message people a personal introduction for people to know who they are talking to etc.

Player named Paoya-Zul’jin and Jebronlames-Zul’jin from this guild invited me to a mythic. They told me they needed to 4 key as they had a raid in 35 minutes. I told them I would just rather leave because we won’t be able to do that. They then lied to me that they were kidding. We did a near perfect run and near the end of a +15 dungeon these people all left like they said they would to go and raid. Do you really want to raid with people like these? I wouldn’t.

It’s been two weeks and this guy is still pinging our recruiting officer about an incident regarding a member and his +15 Key (big scary). This guy has sent screenshots and has repeatedly claimed he “does not care”.

It seems like you do and I think everyone on this side of your equation would appreciate it if you moved on. Not a single person in this guild wants the level of toxicity you bring to the table.

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At first I had my doubts about this guild. But after reading the response posted here I no longer have any doubts. I contacted their GM once. I contacted him one time. He is the only person I have ever contacted from their crew and it was one time. He claimed that he cannot monitor what his officers (which includes him by the way) do in the guild. He then quickly claimed that they misjudged the time. Thinking that you can finish a mythic+15 30% faster is not just misjudging the time; it is an outright lie. Yes I did show him a screenshot where his officers and him were saying that they were joking about wanting to leave the run 30% early and that I should stay in the group and do the run with them. It was shown to him once in that one time post. They were using the run to test a new member and roped me along. Had me use my food, flasks and time while knowing fully well that they were going to leave half way through. I never claimed I do not care. I claimed that I expected them to be dishonest given the replies and this reply is just affirming that belief. You can see how he is now indirectly insulting me by stating that apparently +15 keys are too easy and it is okay to lie to people and leave them half way through; using them as lab rats. I have moved on but I want to make sure people are fully aware what you guys are capable of doing to them should they trust your guild with their precious time and resources.

Welcome back to the post, Voidpriest! It seems you are set on staying anonymous so allow me to clap back at your post.

Look at the length of your complaint. You even made a separate post. You absolutely care.

Have you? It seems to me you are very hell-bent on trashing our members as toxic because you… timed a key? Oh no! The argument you’re trying to make here is absurd.

I think this statement alone is validation that you would not have been a good fit regardless.

My friend, please stop harassing me and my guild. I have told you now multiple times:

  1. I am not the GM. I am the recruitment officer. Neither of the officers in your run are the GM either.
  2. I was not in your run. The players in your run, a holy priest and a retribution paladin , are not me. I play a rogue. I even gave you my characters name.
  3. I do not “test” people in keys. I “test” them in conversation. (You failed btw)
  4. I have no reason to lie about this because the opinion of a conspiracy theorist is irrelevant to me.
  5. You were not roped into anything. You pugged a key and it bricked. As an Assassination Rogue main, if I have 1g for every key that bricked or that I was denied from, I’d be handing out longbois in Oribos.
  6. Please do a better job of, as you say, “balancing your equations” because your meaningless conjecture is wrong on every accusation. I’m a teacher irl. Do you need tutoring?
  7. Please be an adult and move on. Stop harassing me and mine.
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