Flightmaster prices. These are all Goblins in disguise!


Anyone else notice how the prices on the flights in the Stormwind area to and from Westfall, Darkshire, Lakeshire and Stormwind change almost constantly? Like one time you go to take a flight and it’s 99 c from Lakeshire to Westfall but almost 3S from Lakeshire to Darkshire. Half hour later, you go to fly back and it’s 1S, 99c to go back to Lakeshire from Westfall and 2S plus to go to either of the 3 others. O.o What the actual Flambe’ man?


why ruin it by using the word goblins

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I can’t remember which way is cheaper, but I believe I got it right for the Blood Elves areas (BC & WOTLK. I think Legion was still the same price).

A flight from Silvermoon to Tranquillien in the Ghostlands costs 99 copper. But the return flight from Tranquillien back to Silvermoon is about 2 silver and 99 copper. This is all from memory so my prices my be wrong. But I believe it’s cheaper to leave Silvermoon than it is to fly back to Silvermoon.

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I don’t follow.


people draw some humans as goblins.


Hey man, gryphons and wind riders are expensive.


Might be due to faction discount.

Which direction you flying in probably affects the discount as you are considered using the flight master of a specific faction.