Flight Training: Full Speed Ahead quest. Is it bugged?

This flight training quest in MoP appears to be bugged? I have attempted this 40+ times but it’s always the same. The quest fails because I can’t keep up with the instructor. It doesn’t matter if I have speed boosts or not. I can’t keep up.

The rings appear to be randomly placed so there is no pattern to learn. Most of the time the rings are so far away from the instructor that it’s impossible to get the boost without doing the thing that fails the quest (fly away from instructor). I have had 4-5 stacks of the speed buff and still not been able to keep up with the instructor.

WTF is up with this quest? Is it bugged? Is there some secret that is not apparent? I have watched some videos on YT that complete it but they have some freakishly good placement of rings that all line up along the path (I have never seen this) and even with that luck they almost fail the quest. This has to be bugged?

I would also like to point out that I submitted a ticket for this as a bug but the ticket was closed and I was referred to wowhead in the response. Seriously? Is this the extent of Blizzard support these days? Just google it?


I was having the same problem and then a player suggested I reload my UI and that fixed the issue!

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Same problem and resetting the UI doesn’t help.

This quest is way to difficult. The rings are almost always to far away and the buff doesn’t last long enough. I’ve failed it countless times. I really think they need to revisit and modify this quest (I’m also not the only one with this issue).

Still an issue. Blizzard come on it’s been since 2020 or do you not care about keeping players. It’s little things like this that is bad for keeping customers. Keep that in mind. Only reason I still play Is because of WoW tokens. If i had to pay for this game I would have left for FF14 a long time ago. Go ahead and block me if you want. Just proves my point.