Flight Pathing

I’m sure this has already been posted, but flying northern section of Eastern Kingdoms has us go through buildings in Menethil, and through and under mountains in Hinterlands.

It has actually gotten worse with more time under mountains, and through more mountains.

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Yup. I’ve seen some interesting things as the FP’s have slowly degraded. It must be super hard to fix the code or surely it would have been fixed ages ago.

I’m actually concerned a ban wave will go out and all the players doing the Headless Horseman event will get caught in the net for fly hacking. :rofl:

it has been like that for like 2 months now
but hey
small indie company does not have the resources or the money to fix the game


stormwind to chillwind point has got to be the most broken FP


been happening since prepatch, get used to it

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