Flight Path Mount Animation Bug - Banking and Pitching


Ever since 5.1, the models for the mounts used in both Flight Paths and scripted NPC events have not been visually behaving correctly. Instead of the banking, diving, and rising they did before, they now fly horizontally as they go to your destination. It’s been an expansion cycle since this bug was noted, but despite the input players have entered about this, nothing has been done or even announced about addressing it. Please address this issue, at the very least.

Here are two videos demonstrating the correct behavior, before 5.1. Taking these flight paths now will demonstrate what I am talking about.



Can this bug be fixed, if not in the live game, then for Classic?


Anyone else concerned about this stark lack of quality control?


Here’s another excellent video to show pre-5.1 flight behavior. It’s the intro to Deepholm.