Flight form speed changes in Shadowlands?

My GM was able to get in and check the travel form speeds. Neither ground nor flight form are different from live.


You and your GM are scholars and gentlepeople. Thank you.


I’d like a source for this rumor, myself.

It’s not true, so you can be satisfied that my source was bunk.

Thank god, it’d be horrible to go at 150% while everyone else goes what is it 280%? or 310%

this would literally be a ridiculous change.

Haha yeah. Sadly with so many other random changes to things that didn’t need to be fixed, I half believed it. Thanks to Reshyk’s GM for proving it wrong though.

Currently max flight speed is 310%. 150% would be completely unusable.

I know that they changed how you get flight speed increases in Shadowlands but I don’t remember how. Was the person on the feedback thread testing with a character with no speed increases? My GM had just copied her Druid and checked flight form in Stormwind.

EDIT: In fact I’m sure that’s what it is. I looked it up and 150% is what you fly at when you’ve unlocked flying but don’t have any speed increases.


Thanks for confirming this. I saw this feedback and immediately went to the 2 in my guild that have Beta access and was all “CONFIRM PLZ” Then had to go back and was all … “NO CONFIRM. False alarm.”

There was a random post in the beta forum druid sticky which claimed it was the case. I saw it the other day as well.


Maybe they were misinterpreting a datamined bit of info?

That’s exactly my reaction haha. Hence why I posted here.

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I don’t understand, is GM grand mother, game master, girl mom?

Guild master.

You know, that does make more sense.

I’m just hoping they can up the speed of non-epic flying a bit. I’m leveling a hunter through TBC content on a different server, and the basic flying speed feels so slow.

It used to be the speed of a level 20 mount.

Those were painful days.

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yeah seriously whats the point in having that speed anymore anyway. they’ve sped up the time it takes to level anyway so might as well get rid of that flight speed

Thought I saw a datamine that went from 150 straight to 310?

I’d believe it since no one spends any amount of time with flight speed lower than max level anymore. The 10k or so it takes to upgrade isn’t exactly a gatekeeper anymore these days so the intermediate levels feel kinda superfluous. I can believe Blizzard just getting rid of them.