Flex Mythic Raiding?


I know this is the equivalent of asking for solo queue, and I know the usual retort from Blizzard that only at 20 you can cover the full spectrum of mechanics/buffs/debuffs BUT with the game going the way it is PvE is turning in recruiting and gearing up/skilling up game more than actual content progression.

This is especially felt at a point of Mythic raid entry level guilds who have a hard time attracting players of the right skill and gear level as anyone geared or skilled will just jump to more progressed guild.

Guild I am in specifically is entering a third or so cycle where we are within a reach of entering Mythic raid only for few core members deciding the wait is too long and moving onto more progressed guild only for us to again having to make a decision whether we fold, gear up/skill up subpar applicants or accept we can only be AOTC heroic guild not because the core does not have the skill but because we simply can’t get the numbers.

What stops Blizzard from introducing a bracket between heroic flex and mythic, which would be mythic flex (or even the old Wotlk 10man raid)? The world race can still happen in the confines of 20 man raid and everyone else can do their own thing. Even the old argument of loot no longer holds up because in most cases you can get equivalent or better loot from outside of Mythic raid, the rigidity of Mythic being set to 20 now simply gates people from content for no particular reason. Blizzard continuously boasts new systems implement yet to date they cannot figure out how to flex the mythic difficulty?


We have 4 difficulties already which pretty soundly cover the full gambit from ‘Any assortment of players that shows up and tags the boss will win’ to ‘potentially several hundred pulls by a skilled, geared, consistent team of raiders for a kill’. We don’t need another difficulty. Early mythic bosses are easily puggable - I did it the first week while I was still trying to get a main raid spot. There isn’t really a level of challenge missing. It would just take additional developer resources for…what?

Ultimately despite all their efforts, the developers feel that they can’t standardize difficulty across different group sizes. They can come within a certain margin of error, which is just fine for up to heroic, but for Mythic to mean anything, it requires a degree of tuning that is inside of that margin of error. And even if that weren’t a factor, then Roster boss would always favor smaller sizes, and people who enjoy large raids would watch their content die.

I feel for you. We’re getting to a point in the tier where people struggling on Jaina are getting fed up and bowing out, and so their guilds pass their problems down the chain by recruiting the best players from less progressed guilds, and on and on it goes until it hits you. I know it sucks man, but a fifth difficulty isn’t the way to fix this.


I’d love flex Mythic raiding.

Maybe open it up 2 weeks after the world first so it doesn’t turn into some insane raid splitting adventure in the race for #1.

But more than that… you said solo Q.

For pvp Deep Six is outstanding.

Solo Q rated Deep Six would be the way to go. Each team has same # of heals from 0-2 depending on who is queuing.


you’d save yourself a lot of time by looking up one of the 923094 thread about that subject… since the argument haven’t changed in the past 4 years.