Flask of Petrification

Why on earth would you add this? It was NEVER crafted. You have 50+ being popped per battleground. Take them out.

No one ever spent a lotus on these let alone chain popping them over and over and over.


I mean who cares about BGs on a beta server anyway, but I do agree that it is dumb.

I cant do MC for the 1000th time. PvP is at least dynamic.

Ill have plenty of time to see the lava caves when this launches.


Well, it was definitely crafted, but not used in meaningful content. I personally always had one in my bag to pop when I was about to get dispelled or rolled over by the other faction’s raid with world buffs.

if you ever speedran AQ40 you for sure were popping them hehe

I plan on playing some pvp and was trying to see what class I want to play and what feels decent. It’s almost impossible to test any BG issues. I had 5 rogues using this going around popping these every 5-10 seconds. It clears all dots so anything I had built up was wiped and then the rogues go stealth when people ignore them long enough. It needs to be removed from all battlegrounds and IMO should be only useable in instanced pve zones - raids and dungeons.


We’ve brutally murdered the vendor who offered these on the Beta realms, and disabled the flasks for anyone who stocked up on them.

When we resurrect the vendor again later, the flask will remain disabled for use.


good, hope he suffered!


Was this change implemented after the most recent server restart? I haven’t been able to get back in to check since the shutdown.

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