Flame shock not resetting with lava lash in single target

Where’s my flameshock refreeeesh! It’s not workinggggg :’(

It was working fine the past two weeks but yesterday and today there’s been some issues and inconsistencies with it. It seemed to be client side yesterday but not the case today.

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Same problem for me yesterday during the raid and today

I thought I was going crazy while doing some keys. It was working fine, but it’s pretty frustrating with it not refreshing on any targets unless it initially spreads.

Can confirm Lava Lash no longer refreshes Flame Shock. Why Blizz!?

Hello Shaman,

A hotfix went out today that improved the logic of Flame Shock spreading as seen in the hotfix posted very recently:

We have been looking at various discussions after the change was applied to the live servers, and we’re going to be re-adding the functionality of your Lava Lash also refreshing Flame Shock on your primary target while keeping the updated spreading logic.

A quick note that was accidentally left out of the hotfix notes for today, Flame Shock should no longer spread to targets that have crowd control effects on them that will break from damage, such as Polymorph. We will get the hotfix notes updated.

I don’t know if the new hotfix will go out tonight or tomorrow, but it’s being worked on and we’ll be sure to update things when it is ready to go.


Thanks Blizzard, it was really a cool feature even if it started as an accident.

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Omg, this is huuuuge! So happy! <3

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I was willing to accept the trade off of FS not reapplying to main target but gaining FS logic with LF. Very happy to see you’ve reverted the potential change. It adds a great amount of QoL that makes the kit feel really fun.


I am so relieved the change was reverted. It really made the spec more fluidic. I am a happy Shaman again.

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Thank you Blizz!

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This may not be the place, but I am going to call you out on this. I find it incredibly insulting that this thread received a response in less than three hours while the elemental shaman thread with nearly 500 posts has had zero communication. Frankly, the elemental community doesn’t want a magical answer. We just want to hear something. Was the nerf to single target intended? Are you looking at the data before you make a decision? Please, just let us know what you are thinking!


surely tomorrow they will respond to us right?

Glad to hear flame shock refresh is here to stay, its part of why I gave enhancement a shot this tier as my main character of the patch and I missed it dearly tonight.

So when are you going to respond to the absolute atrocities you’ve commited against the elemental shaman community under the guise of ‘accessibility’ which we all know is a lie? for every day you wait to respond the worse it looks.


I should have noticed this when I was pulling 2k less damage in raid tonight (I’m new). Happy that it’s being reverted!

Very happy to see FS refresh staying!

I hate to bring this across threads, but is there any chance we could get more information about the state of the Storm Ele changes?

Just a bluepost regarding the outpoor of feedback on the forum post would be great to hear.

Love the enhance changes, thanks!




please respond to ele concerns, wasted all of our first two weeks of new patch, please come back with clarification for storm ele build before we waste the third week too.