Flagging Over-Geared Players Auto-Queue'ing in Heroic Dungeons

I imagine this won’t be a terribly popular opinion, but because this is something I’ve been seeing more of recently, I’m getting tired of simply “accepting” it and I’m going to start pro-actively trying to address is.

Here’s the TL;DR / situation:
Tanks or Over-Geared players using the Auto-Queueing and Reward (satchels) functionality of Heroic / Normal Dungeons should be flagged as Cheating as it’s using the system in an Unintended manner that makes the game unfriendly to most players.

And the details:
During my lunch break today, I decided to hop into the game, tend to some chores, and auto-queue in a Heroic Dungeon as a Healer. I like proffering the help, offering advice to new players I see, etc., and the satchels are nice.

Get into the dungeon and a seriously over-geared tank goes running off without the rest of the group, proceeding to grab literally every mob they can and head to the boss.

Aside from this being immediately obvious, the tank posts what I can see is a macro’d message (it appeared twice back to back with exactly the same wording just as they were taking off) that effectively declares:
“Greetings People, as you can see I’m already taking off and I won’t be stopping for anything. If you have the equipment to keep up and survive then feel free otherwise wait at the start of the instance. I can complete this on my own and don’t need anyone else.”

In my own experience, there’s primarily only 1 reason why someone so super-geared (they had a mix of Heroic-Mythic raid gear) would deign to play a Heroic Dungeon: The Satchel

So, after leaving the dungeon because I have no interest in playing the game like that, I flagged them for Cheating. First time I’ve ever done it but it’ll be something I do more of in the future as I see it.

Now why am I flagging them for Cheating? I see this being the controversial part as I’ve seen folks both discourage as well as support this mindset in the past, so here’s my reasoning:

  1. It’s taking advantage of an automated system so as to garner a faster reward and transportation that’s NOT INTENDED
    1a. Untintended Reward - The point of joining a Heroic Dungeon for a satchel is to assist a group of players with the run, NOT run it for them and/or force them to not participate and/or force them to leave with a Dungeon Deserter Debuff
    1b. Unintended Transportation - Auto-queueing for Heroic Dungeons means you get to be transported to and from, allowing the player to do whatever they please in the meantime

  2. It’s forcing other players to concede to the singular players will or risk multiple different forms of unintended punishment
    2a. Unintended punishment #1 - If you vote-kick the Tank (or offending player in general) that’s taken control of the group, then you have to wait for a replacement and many times, that can kill a run
    2b. Unintended punishment #2 - If a player doesn’t want to deal with that kind of mess and decides to leave, they get a Dungeon Deserter debuff and have to wait; in my above example, I wanted to help some players out and get a satchel during my limited lunch break, but couldn’t due to this other player deciding to ruin the run for everyone without a group concensus
    2c. Unintended punishment #3 - Players without gear to “keep up” having to literally sit around for 15-20min because this over-geared player decided to do things their own way

Now for the caveats:
Would I have flagged this individual if they had asked the entire group at the start of the map if they could speed run it?

Nope, I wouldn’t, because then they’re getting a group consensus and agreement, and I’ll always go with the flow in that regard. Even if it’s not something I like, I’ll roll with it for the sake of the group. However, the individual I flagged didn’t even ask. They just took off and used a macro’d message to tell everyone how to deal with it.

And why did I feel the need to flag it?

Because this kind of attitude is a huge part of what’s making this game so incredibly off-putting to a lot of long-time players, especially new ones.

Do I recognize that this could adversely affect the option of satchels being rewarded in the first place?

Sadly, I do. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy getting the satchels and do 1-2 Heroic runs daily doing either Tanking or Healing. However, the biggest reason why I do it is because I recognize that those satchels appear because there’s a backlog of players waiting to do dungeons, and I legitimately enjoy helping players.

For example: If I see a group of actual “new” players struggling during a Heroic Dungeon, I’ll take a few minutes at the end of the run to get a conversation going to provide insights to folks, as well as answer any questions. After all, I pug all of my M+ runs so having more folks interested in running the content is always a good thing, especially if they’re inspired to learn and grow.

Lastly, I will concede that if Blizz in any way provides feedback that this isn’t something that constitutes Cheating, then I’ll let it go and stop flagging people that I see do this.

I hope, however, that it becomes something they support. It seems dirty to see anyone try to abuse a system like this, but it just makes the experience all the more unpleasant for new players or players who aren’t into high-end group content. We need more positive, supportive systems to build up good experiences, not systems that create scenarios that players seek to exploit purely for their own personal gain.


You NEED tanks, you DON’T need tanks…

…you guys need to make up your collective mind.


ok, wait 40 minutes for a dps queue then and see how you like it

none of my alts ever need gear from heroics but they do need renown, and it’s a quick easy way to get a chance at some. this is a “you” issue, man.

  1. Wall of Text crit me for 2M damage. Me Dead.
  2. I dont have time to read everything.
  3. I read the TLDR but I still dont get it. Is this a big issue that it hinders me? I dont even care for it.

Your reasoning for queuing as heals was the satchel and you’re faulting the tank for doing the same thing? Also, their behavior is not in any way cheating so I hope you get flagged for false reporting.


While his macro/auto message could have probably been delivered better, you’re still false flagging him. You could face your own punishment if you continue false flagging people like that.

The whole point of the satchel reward system was to draw in the needed roles. Why is his desire for a satchel any different than your desire for a satchel? Because you think since you attach good intentions to it, it matters? It doesn’t.


Of all the things to get upset over. A little perspective might be good. The queue feature is available to everyone who meets the criteria. Removing people from content because they outgear it is a basic move. Take the free ride, and go be upset about something that actually matters.


Yeah this sounds like a you problem here…


Yep. I do this everytime a satchel is offered.

Nope, I don’t do this because it suppose to be a low ilvl dungeon. I keep the fighting constant, watch the healer’s health bar, keep aggro…

Bad tanks do what you have told. Kick them. It’s total BS.

No, just not the satchel. WQ’s can be done in dungeons. The 2 weekly broker quests are done in dungeons. If you switch covenants and power level renown. Farming for memories.

Lots of reasons for a high ilvl tank to be in there. Or any high ilvl player in a normal/heroic dungeon.

It’s not cheating, you are abusing the system. Stop it.

If ilvl requirements, min/max in dungeons would be required, normal/heroic dungeons would have hours of wait time to get in. If you are tanking, que times are almost instant and a player can quickly gear up in a day or two if they put their minds to it.

Just because you are having a bad string of luck with dungeons doesn’t mean players are cheating or some other form of nonesense. You are adding toxicity to the game.


You’re the DPS who likes pulling for the tank, aren’t you? Tanks will ALWAYS choose how fast the run goes, with or without gear.

No. It’s the game design in general. I’m getting tired of people like you pretending your small peeve is why new players have difficulties.

Cry. Me. A. River.

Equally irrational thing to say. This guy is using a system to vent his frustrations, and thinking there will ever be a “collective mind” around small things like this is again, also irrational.

Edit: I just re-read some of what you said. Maybe it didn’t register out of disbelief, but…reporting overgeared players for ‘cheating’? You’re a troll, or need help IRL. (@OP, not Pallidrome.)


Actually for him, it was one reason, but not the only reason:

Whereas the tank seems to be doing it just for the satchel

I am not exactly in the OP’s camp here, but tanks who do as the OP says and then complain about “bad players” in Mythics or M+ really only have themselves to blame. I tend to stay out of heroics, but if I do go into mythic 0 I do at least try to pace the run according to the group, even if I can handle a faster pace.

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I don’t agree with this. The type of person you mention there is indeed overgeared but if I was joining that run in hopes of getting heroic gear then an overgeared player would just be a boon.

Same armour type means it would be likely they’d give it to me, even if not and they wanted it for disenchanting, that would still mean a quick run for me.

Heck I join runs overgeared because I usually want to get a weekly/daily done that makes it easy. I think these incentives mean more dungeons for everyone and is a good thing.


I’ve seen some bad takes in my day

But this one is impressively bad

  1. You are 213 iLVL… so by your extremely flawed logic, you are cheating. I healed my first mythic 8 on my shaman at 140 iLVL, you are 213 doing heroics…?

  2. The system for satchels and quests done in auto queue is intentional. It drags people into the low runs they normally avoid for a decent reward. I get my satchels and do my weekly quests in normals and I can basically solo them no problem.

  3. I think you have a case of god complex and feel insecure about better players doing what you are doing, but better. Getting a queue and blowing through easy content.

  4. You don’t speak for all PUGs and low players. Every run I’ve been in this expansion they are excited to speed through the dungeon with a geared player. I’ve never seen someone complain. This post seems like you’re on a demented ego trip and want likes on your post for being such a “hero” that you take your time to help new people.

Anyway, feel free to “Flag” people. False flags will get you banned for abusing the report system to whine about others not doing what you want.


Definitely not
Dungeons award progress towards some callings. Way faster to steamroll a dungeon than fly 20 minutes on a fp to go kill 40 mobs for a wquest


Probably just bait, but…

Bro, just ride her/his wave to a quick victory.

Also, this satchel is definitely working as intended. Y’all needed a tank. You got a tank. The tank gets a few extra shinies for blowing a crater in the dungeon for you.

If that wasn’t your idea of a good time, well, it’s a party of 5 so you don’t always get what you want… I’d suggest the game Mini-Healer on Steam so you don’t have to put up with other people.


So you’d rather continue to sit in queue rather than do a dungeon on your lunch break just so your game is not sullied by having a 217 ilvl healer?

Bold take.


Maybe I just want to do my weekly dungeon quest.

OP: overgeared player who queues for satchel.

Tank: overgeared player who queues for satchel.




OP: overgeared player that is willing to help others out in their free time and get a reward for it
Tank: overgeared player that can run the dungeon alone but does it in queue for the satchel
OP: If you can do it alone, why even bother joining a group.