Flaccid Arcane Familiar Talent - Review Needed!

Can any Arcane Mage validate the point of this talent?

I thought well maybe it has some use in Arena to keep a stealther in combat, but then it doesn’t act like a pet it only attacks when you cast spells so if you have no line of sight, this pointless.

In regards to its damage, it seems extremely low, my melee auto-attack crits with my 2handed staff were putting out as much damage as its standard attack.

How could this talent be better? Do you think its been overlooked completely and needs some kind of buff to damage or provide some more utility?


I honestly think it should just be removed.

My opinion :man_shrugging:


I think you two are mistaken. No such talent exists.

If you open your character sheet and look at the talents, there is only one talent in arcane’s first row.


Tbf, rule of threes is fine if you’re not using harmony. Familiar is just useless no matter what.

Familiar is good sim bait if all you do is AoE.

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I would say it’s been overlooked, sometimes the overlooked things can be fun for a while. It used to apply your on hit effects. Not sure if it would trigger any of the M+ affects or maybe in the upcoming legion m+.

I agree I think it’s been overlooked. I can’t say I find this entirely surprising though.

Perhaps if Blizzard ran some kind of algo to check what talents are and are not being used this would show up as needing attention but perhaps this is wishful thinking!

What I do find a bit painful is that talents like this can be transferred from one xpac to another without any realisation it completely sucks and needs to do something different.

Absolutely dead talent. No scenario in PVE or PVP does Arcane Familiar have any viability. Lets put supernova in first row instead and buff its damage by 200%. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say first row :thinking:

The first row is obviously made up to have options on how you want to manage mana, however, familiar is the only one that’s insignificant and holds no value in anything, as we all know. An enchant or stacking mastery pretty much makes it obsolete. The other two has their place without being made obsolete from anything.

If the familiar actually did a good amount of damage for a minion/pet (?) or at least was made to return a certain amount of mana when attacking, then I can see it probably being fine outside of kyrian arcane.

The row with Supernova would be fine if they didn’t design it in a way where all of those talents are trying to do the same thing with one making the other two obsolete. One could have been a st nuke (supernova), reverberate could be the sole aoe talent, orb be made baseline since it pretty much holds the spec together anyway and replace it with something else that can maybe be made to work as an I between for the other two talents, but without overpowering them in where they both excel in.

Supernova would need a huge dmg buff (over 200%) if it were to ever by a ST nuke. It literally tickles people right now (hits for like less than 3k even when popping Arcane Power).

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I use the Arcane Familiar talent frequently when doing mythic+ on fortified and when it’s a dungeon with a lot of AOE packs. Like Halls of Atonement for example. I always pair that talent with Enlightenment for the added 8% constant arcane damage by staying above 70% mana which is easy. The Familiar is a weak talent, however it does have its uses for AoE. Which the other two talents on that row lack.

Now Blizzard could have the Arcane Familiar do different spells or even copy the spells the mage itself uses. That would strengthen the talent imo.

This is why supernova and familiar should swap spots. If Familiar is truely meant to be an AOE talent, then it fits better in the AOE row (reverberate / orb / x) and supernova can be part of the ST of first row

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Exactly, but even then arcane orb is still a problem in that row.