Fixing gearing in PvP

If you’re reading this thread you already know what’s up. You have to play PvE in order to play PvP. Yes, to a certain degree and yes, PvE also wants something in PvP, but that’s not the point. Point is if I want to reach high ratings and if it’s going to be locked behind gear then at least make gearing up better in PvP. I could go on an entire rant with various examples to prove my point, but that’s beside the main focus of the thread.

Here’s my idea: add a system that actually uses honor. In a more deeper sense you cash in honor to unlock ranks. Rank 14 allows you to buy the top end gear (gear is bought using conquest) whilst something like Rank 1 will allow you to buy blues.

Throwing this out there since I see SL’s vendor having potential, but it isn’t the hero we need.

arent the vendors gonna have honor and conquest gear already?

Wait really? I thought they were just going to be conquest bought.

It will be honor and conquest gear with a benthic system, the benthic system lets you upgrade but it looks like the upgrades will also be locked behind rating at a certain point, because Ion said that mythic plus 15 is still going to be equal to 2400 rating level gear, so no real change from bfa, the vendor will literally just be an easy way to get your character geared enough to spam mythic plus for another expansion

ohh that is a bummer so 2100 gear will probly be the equivalent of 460

likely the step between heroic and mythic that it is now (470)

Mop did it right

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