Fix your servers please

I’ve been sitting at 1.5-6.5k ms (world) latency all day. Around 150 ms (home). This is a blizzard issue, I’ve reset my router countless times. This is ridiculous that I dump tons of money into the game and end up dealing with constant lag and freezing and spiking.


Yet it’s not a widespread issue or else this forum would be flooded. I play on MG from the East Coast and am personally not experiencing any of that. As of the typing of this I’m getting…97 home and 124 world.

If you’d like to seek some assistance, perhaps post over in Tech Support with some of the recommended diagnostics as directed by their stickie rather than lashing out with nothing pertinent. Customer Support is a player assisting players forum, and so really? The folks who would fix a server side issue (if there was one), wouldn’t see this. Our SFAs on this forum are here to offer insight, advice and to keep us hooligans in line.

** I will edit this to add that I have seen some reports from folks who play abroad from certain countries over the last week or so (at least?) who have been running into some latency issues. I’m not sure if that is your situation or not, but if you do look over to Tech Support, you’ll see those reports.


Have you reached out to tech support? They can help figure out what could be causing this issue.

Also do a full UI reset as a corrupted UI can cause all sorts of issues.


Latency is rarely server-related.

Keep in mind the internet exists on physical cabling and immense amounts of third-party equipment which is neither under your, your ISP, nor Blizzard’s control.


Even if the problem isn’t on your end, that doesn’t mean it’s on Blizzard’s end. There’s a whole lot of interwebs between the two and, contrary to popular belief, Blizzard doesn’t actually own or control any of it.

The fact that yours is pretty much the only complaint would seem to indicate that the problem is closer to your end than theirs. If it was a Blizzard problem, there would be tons of people complaining, rather than just yourself.


Do this and post the information in tech support. They might be able to locate your issue and help fix it. Would also do the UI reset first as well

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I’ve done that, not worth my time. Their only solution is to tell me to reset my router or contact my ISP.

im also getting high world ms

huffs copium its huffs some more probably huffs again on my end

Then good luck with your constant lag! Have you tried making alts on other servers to see if you have the same thing happening. Could be just a connection to one server that might be a little cattywumpus.

Not much effort into doing a traceroute.

You could also turn your video settings down and make sure your video driver is up to date as well. Like others have said if this was on blizzards side there would be floods of posts like yours and that is not happening.

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